Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you arrived to the Center together, met for the first time in class, or fell in love as an alumni, we wish all our EWC couples a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feel free to share your photos with us. We will be happy to add them to the slideshow.

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Sarosh Bana on Netanyahu’s Recent State Visit to India

EWCA Mumbai Chapter Leader Sarosh Bana, who is Executive Editor of Business India, writes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent state visit to India, and his growing rapport with Indian PM Narendra Modi, demonstrated the closeness that now characterizes the two countries’ bilateral relationship. Click the images for larger version.

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Manoa Memory Monday

Once a month we will share a past photo from the East-West Center. Stay tuned to see what other treasures we dig up.

Check out this photo from the 1960s. Here, the late Governor of Hawaii and one of East-West Center’s founders, John A. Burns holds an informal discussion with participants. Can anyone recognize where these photos were taken?


Quarterly Reports from EWCA Alumni Chapters 2017 (3rd quarter)

East-West Center Association

Chapter Development Committee, Quarterly Reports

3rd Quarter Chapter Reports (August-October 2017)

Thank you to seventeen Chapters who submitted their third-quarter reports for 2017. Your submissions help us and others to know how active the Chapters are, and to show your continued patronage for EWCA/EWC outreach. The following Chapters and representatives responded this quarter: 1) APLP (Melissa Pawneshing); 2) ASDP (Dona M. Cady); 3) Bangladesh (Ekramul Ahsan); 4) Hawaii (Carl Hefner); 5) Hong Kong (Glen Shive); 6) Indonesia (Mr. Irwansyah); 7) Kansai (Yumiko Okamoto); 8) Nagoya (Mamoru Tsukada); 9) Tokyo (Kazuhiko Takemoto); 10) Malaysia (Gan Siowck Lee); 11) Nepal (Nirendra Maske); 12) Okinawa (Kiyoshi Nakachi); 13) Philippines (Ramon Clarete); 14) Seoul (Won Nyon Kim); 15) Singapore (Alice Seng Seok Hoon); 16) Southern California (Claire Langham); 17) Taiwan (Frank L. Hung).

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