Voices from Myanmar

Alumni in and from Myanmar have reached out and we share their voices

Myanmar civilians are in a war zone with security forces. People are killed without hesitation. Soldiers shoot into apartments, capture civilians and rob at shops. Their actions are not limited to the protestors, but indiscriminately to civilians, including kids, mothers, and elderly people. Ambulances are shot. Journalists and lawyers are beaten, kidnapped at night, or seized at the scene. Children are shot with catapults and guns even while staying in. Young students, men, and women are shot in the head, neck, and abdomen daily. Sound bombs, gunshots noises, and tear gases are everywhere. Nothing makes sense. It is as if we are trapped in the nightmare of a barbari
This is all happening in villages, towns, and the big cities of Myanmar. Imagine a life where you are aware that you or your beloved ones can die any day. Imagine being afraid to walk outside or drive on the road, because you might be shot on the spot, stopped at any moment, captured or beaten up with no apparent reason. (A woman was shot randomly on purpose while she was walking by the road.) Imagine a life where you need to secretly guard your ward in groups at night. You can’t even guard publicly because they will shoot if they see you. Seeking justice is out of the question even when you get killed in plain sight.

I have read comments that imply Myanmar people are naive to seek outside help instead of relying on internal resources and mediation. We all know that international support has limited jurisdiction and actions. But we are living in a lawless country since the coup, with no other strong mechanism to provide justice from the ongoing crimes against humanity. We are risking our lives to voice out on the road. We write our contact and blood type on our arms before going out of the house. We support the civil disobedience movement of the government staff from our own pockets amidst the hard economic situation. This is a fight against the junta by all communities regardless of party, gender, race, and religion. “Where else in the world can you abruptly run into a complete stranger’s house, knowing that the stranger will risk their safety to keep you in hiding?”

Without a question, we all know we are of the same voice. I cry bitterly every time someone’s young son or daughter got brutally murdered by the security forces. Lives are being easily ripped away as used paper sheets. We are in a fight against the dictatorship and the brutalities it brings. I am sincerely calling out to everyone I can reach to use your freedom of expression to save ours. This is not an internal affair but a lawless massacre to enforce a dictatorship in 2021. Please don’t let Myanmar become a victim of the horrible junta’s rule.