Support EWC’s Coral Triangle Endangered Shark Initiative

EWC Alumni Feature of the Week! @Rafid Shidqi and @Nesha Ichida. Thresher Shark Indonesia has been working alongside thresher shark fishermen, and all Alor stakeholders to put an end to targeted endangered thresher sharks in two small and remote fishing villages. Their engagement since 2018 has made them gain trust from community members, village elders, indigenous leaders as well as the government. Thresher shark fishermen have been asking for ways to increase their skills and for facilities to transition into sustainable yellowfin tuna fisheries, which are thriving in the region. Rafid and Nesha are asking EWC Alumni to consider donating to help these fishermen get out of poverty and prevent the thresher sharks from going extinct. Together with other EWC alumni we can achieve this conservation outcome by 2022!