2017 Summer Travel Grant Series: Internship at Non-Profit Organization in Brazil

Summer Travel Grant 2017 Recipient

James Patrick Alonzo

ADB-JSP Fellow


Life-changing. This is the best way to describe my internship experience at Mais Caminhos, a non-profit organization based in Rio de Janeiro. One of my requirements as a Public Administration graduate student at the University of Hawaii is to do an internship, either in a government agency or a non-profit organization. Since working for an NGO was close to my heart, I did not think twice of taking this option. Also, since I have always known that Brazil has a massive dilemma of poverty, as shown in the prevalence of favelas, it proved to be a very appealing country for me to work in.

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2017 Summer Travel Grant Series: Two-week intensive course on accelerator physics

Summer  Travel Grant 2017 Recipient

Kathleen Tatem

Student Affiliate


During my intensive two-week graduate course on accelerator physics, I completed eight homework assignments, wrote two exams, and experimented with simulation software used to design and operate particle accelerators. An accelerator physicist from Stanford National Accelerator Laboratory taught the course, with a guest lecturer from Los Alamos National Laboratory. The course provided an advanced overview of how different particle accelerators operate, how to describe beam focusing magnets using the mathematics of geometrical optics, causes of beam instabilities, and beam dynamics. University of Hawaii professor John Madey, who passed away last July, was mentioned on the first day of class for his invention of the free electron laser, an influential contribution to accelerator physics. The director of the US Particle Accelerator School introduced me via email to leading experts in the field who might be able to act as my physics mentor for my dissertation, since University of Hawaii will not be hiring a replacement for John Madey.

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2016 Summer Travel Grant Series: Archival Research of Photographs Produced by Dean Conant Worcester


Summer Travel Grant 2016 Recipient

Keiko Fukunishi

EWC Student Affiliate

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for the assistance of the East-West Center Summer Travel Grant in supporting my archival research. One aspect of my dissertation research considers photographs produced by Dean Conant Worcester, and American zoologist and colonial officer who used a camera for the first time outside of the studio in order to photograph Filipino people at the turn of the century. Thanks to the award, I was able to examine thousands of photos taken by Worcester, and several hundred glass plate negatives related to his photographic projects at the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology at the University of Michigan and the Bentley Historical Library.

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2016 Summer Travel Grant Series: Research — Impact of Built Environment on Urban Heat Island Effect in Kathmandu

Summer Travel Grant 2016 Recipient

Ranjeeta Acharya

ADB-JSP Scholar


In the third week of May, I traveled to my home country of Nepal for research about the impact of built environment on urban heat island effect in Kathmandu. During my stay in Nepal, I visited the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) to determine how new planning and reconstruction after the earthquake of April 2015 may contribute towards adapting and mitigating increasing urban temperatures in Kathmandu. I met officials in the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, and also collected and analyzed temperature data to examine the variation in temperature in Kathmandu from 1980 until 2015. After visiting the peri-urban areas of Kathmandu valley, I observed that agricultural land and green fields are being converted into the residential plots, without thought about open spaces for future neighborhoods.



Agricultural land being converted into a residential plot in the periphery of Kathmandu.


Last but not least, I am very thankful to the East-West Center Alumni Association for supporting my research with a travel grant.




The East-West Center Association (EWCA) and the EWCA Hawaii Chapter provided Travel Grants ($500 each) to 10 current East West Center students for the summer of 2016.

2016 Summer Travel Grant Series: Poster Presentation of Research at 9th Joint Natural Products Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark


Ram P. Neupane  during the poster presentation


Summer Travel Grant 2016 Recipient

Ram P. Neupane

EWC Student Affiliate

I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark at the end of July to attend the 9th Joint Natural Products Conference. At the conference, I presented a poster on my research which describes the isolation, characterization and biological evaluation of anticancer compounds from the Hawaiian sponge Dactylospongia sp. I also had the opportunity to listen to various presentations and engage in discussions with scholars and researchers from the United States and many European countries. I was able to broaden my knowledge on the latest research being carried out in the field of natural product chemistry. This research includes finding drug leads against various targets such as viruses, bacteria, cancer cells and the like.

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2015 Summer Travel Grant Series: Field Research in Cameroon

Summer Travel Grant 2015 Recipient

Obadia Mfuh Kenji

UH Student Affiliate

It was nice to be home in Cameroon conducting field research that had such a tremendous impact on the population. Malaria and other infectious diseases, account for about 80% of hospital visits in Cameroon. It is estimated that every second a child dies of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. Prompt and accurate diagnosis of malaria can avert the high mortality rate of malaria in Africa. Unfortunately 90% of deaths from malaria occur in children less than 5 years old. Since most countries in Africa and South East Asia are endemic for malaria, many clinicians tend to prescribe malaria drugs to patients presenting with fever even without a diagnosis. This means that, other infectious diseases that cause fever go untreated. Therefore we were interesting in knowing the baseline malaria prevalence in our study population and to profile other infectious agents that cause febrile illnesses apart from malaria. We were also interested in developing a diagnostic test for malaria using a non-invasive sample (saliva). The current diagnostic methods for malaria require blood collection, which is an invasive procedure.
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2015 Summer Travel Grant Series: Conducting Pre-dissertation Fieldwork in Okinawa

Sakumaphoto: Sayaka Sakuma with Peace Tour Guide and colleague

Summer Travel Grant 2015 Recipient

Sayaka Sakuma

PhD student, Geography Department

Obuchi Fellow

The purpose of my summer travel was to conduct pre-dissertation research in which I aim to develop my scope for looking into tourism development in Okinawa. Mainly, I conducted ethnographic research in two topics: 1) Peace Tour; and 2) UNESCO World Heritage-related Tourism activities. For the first part of my research, Peace Tour, I joined a tour group in which the members explore the memory of WWII and US military bases in Okinawa. Such tours have been gaining popularity in Okinawa, where the prefecture aims to spread the message of peace through its tourism industry. Particularly, I conducted surveys and interviews with the tour members and peace tour guide as well as participant observation during the tour. Based on the data I gathered during the tour, I am currently working on a paper that examines the major discourses on tourism activity and political participation, which I hope to present in Association of American Geographer conference next year.
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