2019 Summer Travel Grant Series: Speech-Language Pathology Internship at Wailuku Maui Kaiser Permanente


Summer Travel Grant 2019 Recipient
Ting-Ting Hsu
Graduate Degree Fellow
MS in Communication Sciences & Disorders

During this summer, I was fortunate to do my last internship at Wailuku Maui Kaiser Permanente Medical Office as a student speech-language pathologist. I had a chance to work with people with voice disorders, swallowing difficulties, or language disorders. My supervisor, Susan, shared her knowledge and experience with me. She guided me with patience, passed onto me the skills of doing treatment and consultation, and provided me with insights of being a speech-language pathologist. This internship opportunity surely broadened my clinical experience and well prepared me for the real world. Thank you, EWCA, for your generous financial support!!!!

Note: The picture was taken when I was doing therapy with one of my patients. Due to HIPPA regulations, He has been cut from the photo. We were using Pokers to work on his cognition skills (we’re not just playing cards).

Thanks again for your kind support!