2019 Summer Travel Grant Series: Presenting at the International Conference on Foreign Language Education & Technology in Tokyo, Japan


Summer Travel Grant 2019 Recipient
Leeseul Park
Student Affiliate
MA in Second Language Studies

Attending the international conference, Foreign Language Education and Technology VII in Japan, provided me a great opportunity to explore the relationship between foreign language learning and technology from different perspectives. I was able to receive a deeper understanding on the current trends and pedagogical issues not only from my own field, education, but also various other fields – psycholinguistics and artificial intelligence.

Based on the online content I contributed as a graduate assistant, a Korean simulation project was developed and used for Korean majoring students in collaboration with the Korean Language Flagship Center. Pairing with my linguistic knowledge and pedagogic expertise in second language acquisition, the interactive learning materials were developed for Korean majoring students to experience culture and language at a fictional workplace. The online content enhanced students’ learning experience in a specific context that they are likely to encounter in their capstone year in Korea.