Voices from Myanmar

Alumni in and from Myanmar have reached out and we share their voices

We EWC alumni can contribute to write something about the current situation in Myanmar by reflecting how the military violates human rights and law by detaining our democratic leaders:

  • Killing youth and some public figures ( Ward / township NLD leaders) both head shot and serious hit
  • Brutal attack on public
  • Boom blasting and beating
  • Robbing public and some associations’s properties
  • Threatening public day and night
  • Accusing some youth as drug users ( those who were arrested during strike)
  • Issuing so many rules/ regulations and threatening public to arrest ( including cyber law) In terms of humanitarian assistance and international relationship

  1. Myanmar people are so upset that China is helping Myanmar military a lot for their economic benefits (there are flights flying back and forth between China and Myanmar) and we don’t know exactly what Is going on between them.
  2. People of Myanmar were expecting UN to come help through UN peacekeeping force and R2P but still hopeless due to several constraints.
  3. As a result, people start focusing on national armed groups (KNU, Shan state armed group, Chin leaders and so on). And the last generation – Gen Z are also practicing for self-defence and self-protection.
  4. Myanmar people have some misperception about ASEAN due to several talks and events done by Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. They don’t think ASEAN will come help us though we want them.
  5. Myanmar public is now widely doing Civil Disobedience Movement (both government, bank and private company staff) through a close collaboration with CRPH (committee representing Pyihtaungsu HLuttaw – Union Parliament).
  6. CRPH has informed
    – To keep regrading U Win Mying and Daw Aung Su Kyi as our president and state counsellor.
    – Formed temporary officials government structure and appointed union ministers.
    – Selected Acting Vice President.
    – Drafted the fair and square constitution which includes meeting the basic needs of the public and to support the national peace and state development.
    – Work closely with selected representatives such as Dr Sa Sa, U Kyaw Moe Tun and Dr Htin Lin Aung. Our current one and only hope is the guidance and support of CPRH to do more CDM, to reach out to more media and international communities.

Myanmar issues are not just national issues; it can turn into regional or global issues at anytime. The military is abusing and taking over the power. All ASEAN countries should be aware and unite to sort it out as we all have similar issues in our nations. Even developed nations should be aware that the party which lost an election could go that far and destroy national peace and security. The world should be united against dictatorships and to build up real democracy.

There is no place for the military to rule nations. Their prime purpose is just to protect the nation, not to harm or abuse. What the Myanmar military is doing is totally in violation of human rights/UN agreements and International humanitarian law/acts.

This is not just a new event; there is a history of torturing – Myanmar ethnic groups (Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine and Shan), Rohingya monks, students and all. So now is the time to act globally against the dictatorship.

That is why, I would say again that this is not just Myanmar’s national issue, this is regional and global threading issue. All global citizens should involve themselves in it not only to help Myanmar, but to halt similar events in world history.