EWC Alumna Receives Women’s Human Rights Activities Award

Tahira Firdous (Photo Credit: Yayori Award website)

Earlier this 2010, EWC Scholarship Program Specialist, Kim Small (IEP 90-95,  PIDP 95-96), nominated EWC Alumna Tahira Firdous (EP 07-09) from India/Kashmir for the 2010 Yayori Award.

The Yayori Award focuses on women activists, journalists, and artists who work at the grassroots level with socially marginalized peoples in order to create a 21st century free from war and discrimination against women. Younger activists are especially encouraged to apply so that the Yayori Award can support future leaders. Each year an individual or a group is selected from mainly the Asian region and offered an award certificate and a prize amount of 500,000 yen.

Tahira Firdous is the 2010 recipient of the Yayori Award.

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