Story of a Successful Internship: EWCA Beijing Chapter Head hosts APLP Fellow at Xinhua News Agency

By Huma Sheikh (APLP 09)

Huma Sheikh is a journalist from Kashmir working in New Delhi with United News of India. In her position as Senior Sub-editor she covers issues in her homeland, politics, lifestyle, economics, and culture. Ms. Sheikh has also written for the Hindustan Times. In addition to print media, she anchors a live English language television program on Doordarshan TV and a Western music program on All India Radio. She narrated in English for a University of Kashmir Educational Multimedia Research Center documentary that was telecast on Doordarshan TV. Ms. Sheikh struggled amidst mandatory bans on school attendance during her region’s conflict, eventually completing her secondary education. She now holds a BA and postgraduate degree from the University of Kashmir – New Delhi in Journalism.

Xu Shi (President of EWCA Beijing Alumni Chapter) and Huma Sheikh (APLP 09).

It was on February 23, when I joined Xinhua News agency’s web portal, Xinhunet, as Foreign Language Expert and Editor. Xu “Sharon” Shi gave me – an Asia Pacific Leadership fellow at EWC – a chance to explore Beijing as a working journalist at Xinhua News. And she is happy to help more APLP or EWC journalists in the future.

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