Tibet Trekking Tour after the EWC/EWCA International Conference in Beijing

Join the Tibet  (Himalayas Everest Base Camp) 12-Day Trekking Tour and support  EWC Scholarships

Dates:  September 4 to 15, 2012

Organized by Jean (Eng) Geer (CLI 78-79), jsgeer@wavecable.com

Ever since I trekked the Himalaya of Nepal to the South Face Everest Base Camp, trekking the Himalaya of Tibet to the North Face Everest Base Camp has been a top “to do in this life.” The Himalaya range is magnificent and the North Face of Mount Everest is described as spectacular. Gary McCue in his book, Trekking Tibet shared: “Nowhere in the Himalaya can the immense height of Mount Everest (29,035 ft, 8850 m) the highest point on Earth, be appreciated as it can be in Tibet. . . . The North Face is arguably its most spectacular side, a sheer wall of rock and ice rising over 2 vertical miles (3.7 km) . . . “
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Tibet unrest reveals deeper, wider concerns

While the current unrest in Tibet has many obvious causes, including longstanding resentment over “neocolonial” attitudes by the Chinese and the idea of making a statement while the world’s eyes are focused on the Beijing Olympics, there is something else afoot as well.

China researcher Chris McNally says the unhappiness in Tibet is symptomatic of problems facing Chinese leaders throughout the nation, including a widening income gap, environmental problems and human rights concerns.

Read Chris’s article here and let us know: Do you think events in Tibet reflect a broader and perhaps more systemic problem in rapidly-growing China?