2016 Summer Travel Grant Series: Developing and Evaluating an Open Learning Platform for Khmer Speaking Users

Summer Travel Grant 2016 Recipient

Sokunthearith Makara

Graduate Degree Fellow

One of the pressing issues facing the Cambodian education system today is the unequal access to quality education between people in the countryside and those in the cities. The solution I am proposing for this issue involves the use of Internet technology to transfer the quality learning modules from the cities to the countryside. In order for this to happen, a learning platform which allows people to create modules and to learn the modules for free is required. Therefore, the purpose of my summer field research was to develop and evaluate an open learning platform for Khmer speaking users.

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2015 East-West Center Association/EWCA Hawaii Chapter Travel Grant Recipients

L to R:  Matthew Kelty (USA), Yi-Chieh Lai (Taiwan), Ned Shultz (EWCA President), Alex Holowicki (USA)

L to R: Matthew Kelty (USA), Yi-Chieh Lai (Taiwan), Ned Shultz (EWCA President), Alex Holowicki (USA)

The East-West Center Association (EWCA) and the EWCA Hawaii Chapter each year offer several summer travel grants ($500 each) to current EWC students. The grant is used towards presenting a conference paper, taking part in internships, conducting field research, or studying in summer institutes.

This year, ten travel grants were awarded to:
Ngu Njei Abanda (Cameroon)
Asutoshi, Das (India)
Alex Holowicki (USA)
Matthew Kelty (USA)
Obadia Mfuh Kenji (Cameroon)
Syed Shurid Khan (Bangladesh)
Yi-Chieh Lai (Taiwan)
Charmaine Ledesma (Guam)
Elita Ouk (Cambodia)
Sayaka Sakuma (Okinawa)