Travel Grant Series: Visit to China for Social Transformation Research

2011 Summer Travel Report
by Xiaofeng Kang
EWC Degree Fellow
PhD student in Geography

EWC Degree Fellow Xiaofeng Kang

(EWC Degree Fellow Xiaofen Kang (r) interviewing a villager in Xishuangbanna, China.)

Funded through the EWCA Alumni Summer Travel Grant, I was able to return China for the first time since I left three years ago. During the three-month summer, I got reunion with family and traveled several places in China for making connections for my research. By visiting each of the places and meeting people from different walks of life, I advanced my knowledge and understanding on the complexities of the interconnections between the land use change and social transformation in China. I investigated the track of local livelihood change of the farmers living in southern Yunnan and the implications of rubber plantation in their social economic transformation. The visiting of local villages and interviews with farmers enriched my knowledge on this topic, and the knowledge and findings from this trip will significantly contribute to my dissertation proposal formation. I appreciate the alumni summer travel grant, which enabled me to realize this meaningful travel and visiting.

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