EWCA “Silk Road” Tour Report

Several years ago, Tim Wong, EWC grantee in the 60’s and Professor of Chinese Language and Chinese Literature at Arizona State University, began discussing a trip to China with other members of the EWCA Arizona Chapter as an educational tour and fund-raiser. These discussions evolved into a planned 2010 tour of the Silk Road, which was subsequently recognized by the EWCA as a 50th Anniversary activity. The tour took place recently from September 27 to October 16, 2010.

"Silk Road" Tour participants in Tiananmen Square.

Historically, the Silk Road refers to the east-west trade routes between Xi’an in China and the Mediterranean cities of the Roman Empire over which caravans of merchants and camels traveled some two thousand years ago trading such goods as silk, glass, and spices. Our trip covered a section of that vast geographic area in China.

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Photos from “Silk Road” Tour in Western China

The East-West Center in partnership with China Discovery Tours organized an all-inclusive tour that featured historic sites along the “Silk Road” in Western China, and also included the cities of Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai.

Between September 27th and  October 16th, 2010, a total of 28 participants visited 8 beautiful cities in China and over 40 touring sights. 20 started in Bejing and 8 joined the group in Urumqi.

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