East-West Center Day: Shanghai Chapter

May 14, also known as East-West Center Day, commemorates the founding of the East-West Center in 1960. Each year, people from around the world celebrate East-West Center Day in their own way.

The EWCA Shanghai Chapter met at a restaurant in Shanghai on May 14 to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the founding of the EWC.

Left to right: restaurant staff (in front), Larry Foster, colleague of Vicky Shambaugh from Hawaii, Vicky Shambaugh, Brenda Foster, Ren Xiao, Aynne Kokas, wife of Vicky’s colleague, restaurant staff.

Shanghai Chapter Dinner

Shanghai Chapter Dinner

Nick Barker, head of the East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP), attended a dinner with EWCA Shanghai Chapter members on June 6, 2008. EWCA President Larry Foster and his wife, Brenda Foster, the Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, were the gracious hosts of the dinner.