Pakistani Participants of EWC Journalists Exchange Visit Missouri

muhammad aftab qureshi

Muhammad Aftab Qureshi Staff Reporter, Associated Press of Pakistan, Islamabad. (Photo credit:

During their visit to Washington, D.C. the Pakistani journalists had an opportunity to explore U.S. policy toward Pakistan and learn more about the U.S. system of government and democracy. Later on, they visited New York City, where they participated in discussions about media coverage of Pakistan and the residual effects of 9/11 on U.S. relations with the Muslim world.

Finally, participants saw a very different part of the United States in Columbia, Missouri. The prestigious Missouri School of Journalism is based in Columbia, and  hosted a day of discussion sessions on the role of media in democracy and also on cutting-edge media technologies researched at the Reynolds Journalism Institute. The Missouri program also featured home visits with American families and a chance to interact with American citizens from diverse backgrounds.

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Pakistani Journalists Talk at EWC in Washington

Mr. Muhammad Ejaz Khan, Ms. Mehmal Sarfraz and Mr. Kamal Siddiqi, participants in the East-West Center’s US-Pakistan Journalists Exchange, discussed rising extremism in Pakistan and the role of the media with Dr. Satu Limaye, director of the East-West Center in Washington.

pakistani journalists ewc washington director

From left to right: Mr. Muhammad Ejaz Khan, Ms. Mehmal Sarfraz, Mr. Kamal Siddiqi, and Dr. Satu Limaye, director of the East-West Center in Washington.

The title of the presentation from the Pakistani journalists was “Rising Extremism in Pakistan: Perspectives from the Media“.

During their visit to Washington, D.C., the Pakistani journalists also had a chance to visit important landmarks.

pakistani journalists ewc washington