EWC Research Program Director Visits Pakistan

EWC Research Program Director, Dr. Nancy D. Lewis delivered a special lecture on Globalization and health in South Asia, organized by the Sustainable Developing Policy Institute in Islamabad, Pakistan on January 12, 2011. Dr Abid Q. Suleri, Executive Director of the Sustainable Development Policy Insitute (SDPI), conducted the proceedings and underlined the need for efficient track II diplomacy among nations to effectively deal with the growing economic and social challenges across globe.

Dr. Lewis shared her experiences of South Asia with the audience and talked on various aspects of concern including Asia’s population issues, environmental challenges, globalization and Asia’s health. Citing some key figures of global and Asian health situation, she underlined that a safer future was both a collective aspiration and a mutual responsibility.

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An alum. An idea. An arts scene: An exhibit!

pakistani contemporary art A couple of years ago, Michael Schuster, curator of the East West Center Gallery, was at a conference in New Delhi where he briefed folks on the Gallery and its works.

He was approached by Dr. Arjumand Faisel, a physician, artist, gallery owner and — not coincidentially — an alum and President of the Islamabad Chapter of the East West Center Association. “Why not an exhibit on Parkistani contemporary paintings?”

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EWC Alumnus Focus of Current EWC Art Gallery Exhibition

Arjumand FaiselEWC Alumnus Arjumand Faisel (MPH Open Grants, ’88) is the President of the EWCA Islamabad Chapter and the current focus of the EWC Art Gallery exhibition, “Unseen Visions: Contemporary Painting in Pakistan,” running now through June 11, 2008.

Arjumand was in Honolulu for a week to open the exhibition with his daughter, whose works are also hanging in the Gallery. Continue reading