EWC Alumni Event for U.S-Pakistan Journalists Exchange in Pakistan

Chapter Leader of the EWCA Lahore Chapter, Dr. Arfa Syed Zehra(OG 78-82, CLI 82, CWP 83) organized an alumni event for the American journalists visiting Pakistan on the first Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange program. It was a lovely evening and the journalists greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and talk with EWC alumni in Pakistan. This meeting was very valuable and provided a contrast to the their meetings are officials or others that have a particular perspective.

ewc alumni event in lahore pakistan

American journalists visiting Pakistan on the 1st Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange program and meeting with EWC Alumni.

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First Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange

The East-West Center successfully launched its new Pakistan-United States Journalists Exchange, which took place April 6-22, 2011.

Participants in the East-West Center's inaugural Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange.

This program is designed to increase and deepen public understanding of the two countries and their important relationship, one that is crucial to regional stability and the global war on terrorism. While there have been many areas of agreement and cooperation, deep mistrust remains between Americans and Pakistanis, who rarely get opportunities to engage with each other and thus rely on media for their information and viewpoints. Unresolved issues continue to pose challenges for both countries.

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