How to find a Job Posting at the EWCA Online Community and Directory

Together with our Alumni and Associates, we are working hard in developing our two online professional networks, the Online Community and Directory, and the East-West Center Alumni and Community LinkedIn Group.

For those EWCA Alumni and Associates trying to find the job posting at the EWCA Online Community and Directory, here’s an easy guide on how to do that.

NOTE: under each step, there will be a screen shot with a red box indicating where to click.


    Step 1: Go to the EWCA Online Community and Directory and click on the Career Center Services link on the left menu bar.

    Step 2: All EWCA constituents will need their User IDand password to access the Career Center Services section. Contact the EWC Associates Office at to get your User ID if you’re accessing the Online Community for the first time. There are no fees or obligations associated with the Online Community and Directory. This is a special service limited to you as a member of the East-West Center Association.

    Step 3: After logging in, click on the Job Postings link on the right hand side. It’s the first item on the far right column of links.

    Step 4: Click on the Search Job Postings link.

    Step 5: Just hit the search button at the bottom of the page and this will retrieve all job postings for EWCA Alumni and Associates.


1969-1970 Tokyo Mini-Reunion

By Kaz Matsumoto (’69 TESL)

Hello and Aloha,

On 20th March, seven of us got together after a long absence.

Place: Party Space at the top(25th Floor) of the Akiyamas’ residence building in the central downtown, just at the foot of Tokyo Tower. The space has an outside terrace of 270 degree view, a possibly ideal place to enjoy those famous Tokyo fireworks in summer season.

Faces: Remember these faces, with a little bit old tints? Continue reading

EWCA Online Community

Two weeks ago, the Associates Office sent out an email asking alumni to register for the EWCA Online Community. If you did not receive this email it is most likely because we do not have your email address on file. To be included in future EWCA emails please email

If you would like to register or update your Online Community profile please click here.

For questions regarding the EWCA Online Community, please email