Travel Grant Series: Indigenizing Contemporary Transnational Feminist Pedagogies in the U.S. Academy

EWCA Summer Travel Grant Report
Anjali Nath
EWC Degree Fellow

anjali nath ewc graduate student fellow

(EWC Graduate Student Fellow Anjali Nath)

To the EWCA Summer Travel Grant Committee,

On May 19-21, 2011, I had the pleasure of attending the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) Annual Conference hosted by the Department of Native American Studies at UC Davis and held in Sacramento, California. While there, I was able to present a research paper titled “Indigenizing Contemporary Transnational Feminist Pedagogies in the U.S. Academy” encompassing research I am currently doing for my dissertation.

Presenting my research was extremely rewarding, particularly considering that there were multiple people in my audience who were very familiar with the theoretical work I was engaging. As simplistic as that may seem, it is rare for me to encounter scholars face-to-face who have read some of the work I am analyzing. The Ph.D. students and professors I am referencing were extremely interested in my work, and we were able to have some very exciting discussions about similarities in the work we are currently producing. Needless to say, their research was extremely generative for me to consider as well.

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