Spring 2019 Ho‘opuka

Welcome to our latest cohort of alumni as the 78 students completing their East-West Center awards participated in the Ho‘opuka (“passing through” ceremony) at the Imin International Conference Center at Jefferson Hall on May 2, 2019.


Hoopuka04-Layla-blogEast-West Center Participant Association (EWCPA) president Layla Kilolu (MURP in Urban & Regional Planning, 2017-2019) beautifully moderated the graduation ceremony. Select students who have exhibited leadership skills and dedicated service to the EWCPA community were invited to share their East-West Center experience. The following are excerpts of the speeches by Dewi Setiani (MEd in Educational Foundations, 2017-2019), Takumi Aoki (MA in Second Language Studies, 2017-2019), and Tsolmontuya “Tsom” Altankhundaga (MPA in Public Administration, 2017-2019).

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A Center rite of passage

Allison Pan and Gordon RingEven the best of times have to end some day.

So it was for a roomful participants who took part last week in the Center’s Ho’opuka Ceremony, a formal occasion to recognize the completion of various awards and programs sponsored by the Center.
Some 85 participants were on hand and another 28 — unable to attend — were undoubtedly there in spirit. Continue reading