Quarterly Reports from EWCA Alumni Chapters (October 2016)

East-West Center Association

Chapter Development Committee, Quarterly Reports

2016 Third Quarter Chapter Reports

Compiled by Dr. Jessica A. Sheetz-Nguyen
Vice President for Chapter Development

Thank you to the 22 Chapters who submitted Quarterly Reports. Your submissions as well as your ongoing commitment to EWC and EWCA outreach are sincerely appreciated. The following Chapters and representatives responded to the call for reports: 1) APLP (Miloni Gandhi)  2) ASDP (Dona M. Cady)  3) Bali (Agung Muninjaya)  4) Bangladesh (Abu M. Ekramul Ahsan)  5. Brisbane (Iraphne Child)  6. Chandigarh (Rajesh Aggarwal) 7. Chennai (S. Rajamani)  8) Faisalabad (Muhammad Ibrahim)  9) Hawaii (Carl Hefner)  10) Islamabad (Arjumand Faisel)  11) Jakarta (Irid Agoes) 12) Kansai (Yumiko Okamoto)  13) Karachi (Ghazala Fasih)  14) Lao (Chanthavong Saignasith)  15) Mumbai (Sarosh Bana)  16) Nepal (Nirendra  Dhoj Maske)  17) New York (William Armbruster)  18) Okinawa (Kiyoshi Nakachi)  19) Singapore (Alice Seng Seok Hoon)  20) Southern California (Claire Langham)  21) Seoul (Won Nyon Kim)  22) Tokyo (Kazuhiko Takemoto)

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Quarterly Report from EWCA Alumni Chapters (April 2014)



RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED BY: Estrella Besinga Sybinsky, VP Chapters


As always, Mahalo and sincere appreciation for your submissions.

Twenty one chapters responded this quarter.

The following chapters and chapter leaders are: 1) Bangladesh Chapter (Abu A.M. Ekramul Ahsan) 2) Brisbane Chapter (Iraphne Childs) 3) California, Northern Chapter (Barbara Bornet Stumph) 4) California, Southern Chapter (Claire Langham) 5) Chennai Chapter (PM Belliappa) 6) Faisalabad Chapter (Muhammad Ibrahim) 7) Hawaii Chapter (Carl Hefner) 8) Hanoi Chapter (Hoang Hoe) 9) Korea Chapter (Jeong Taik Lee) 10) Lahore Chapter (Arfa Zehra) 11) Latin America Chapter (Laura Viana) 12) Myanmar Chapter (Thein Lwin) 13) Mumbai Chapter (Sarosh Bana) 14) Nepal Chapter (Nirendra Maske) 15) New York Chapter (Bill Armbruster) 16) Okinawa Chapter (Keiko Yamazato) 17) Philippines Chapter (Ramon Clarete/Pauline Bautista) 18) Singapore Chapter (Alice Seok-Hoon Seng) 19) Taiwan Chapter (Nora Chiang) 20) Tokyo Chapter (Yasukata Yano) 21) Washington D.C. (Jacob Dowd/Mary Jo Furgal).
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Quarterly Report from EWCA Alumni Chapters (October 2013)



RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED BY: Estrella Besinga Subinsky, VP Chapters

ALOHA TO OUR US & INTERNATIONAL CHAPTERS!  This report comes to you amidst a general anxiety backdrop currently preoccupying American societal discourse over our seemingly divided United States government. We keep optimism alive however, hopeful  that a creative resolution to the impasse between our political leaders and parties will soon be resolved (preferably before our EWCA Executive Board meeting scheduled on October 17th!).  MAHALO TO OUR CHAPTER LEADERS for your positive response to the call for chapter reports.  As always, your reports are sincerely appreciated.

The followings chapters & chapter leaders responded:  1) ASDP Chapter (Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen)  2) Bangladesh Chapter (Abu Ekramul Ahsan)  3) Southern CA Chapter (Claire Langham Richmond)  4) Chennai Chapter (Sonna Belliappa Pemanda)  5) Faisalabad Pakistan Chapter (Muhammad Ibrahim) 6) Jakarta Indonesia (Irwansyah)  7) Lahore Pakistan Chapter (Arfa Sayeda Zehra)  8) Laos Chapter (Chantavong Saignasith)  9) Malaysia Chapter (Gan Siowck Lee)  10) Mumbai India (Sarosh Bana) 11) Myanmar Chapter (U Thein Lwin)  12) Nepal Chapter (Nirendra Maske)  13) Okinawa Chapter (Keiko Yamazato)  14) Philippine Chapter (Ramon Clarete/ Pauline Bautista)  15) Singapore Chapter (Alice Seng Seok Hoon)  16) Taipei Chapter (Yu-Jen Kao)  17) Tokyo Chapter (Yasukata Yano)  18) Washington D.C. Chapter (Jacob Dowd).  19) Hawaii Chapter (Carl Hefner).

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Quarterly Report from EWCA Alumni Chapters (April 2012)




I am happy to inform the Executive Board that nineteen chapters responded to the call for Chapter Quarterly Reports for our April, 2012 meeting.  Though some chapters have not had much to report for this quarter, we continue to thank you for your response.

The following chapters submitted their quarterly report:  1) Bangladesh Chapter (Abu A.M. Ekramul Ahsan)  2)  Beijing Chapter (Pan Zhongming)  3)  Brisbane Chapter (Iraphne Childs)  4)  Chicago Chapter  (Pam Drymiller)  5)  Faisalabad Chapter (Muhammad Ibrahim)  6)  Hanoi Chapter (Hoang Hoe)
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EWC Alumni Received Awards During World Town Planning Day 2010

On November 5th, 2010, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and the American Planning Association Hawaii Chapter hosted the World Town Planning Day with awards and presentations. The theme of this 2010 edition of the World Town Planning Day was “Innovations in Planning for Livable Cities in Asia and the Pacific”.

During this event, two EWC Alumni received awards. Dr. Khaleda Rashid received the Dinell Outstanding Award and Dr. G. Shabbir Cheema shared the Planner of the Year Award with Peter Rappa.

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Around the World with the EWCA Chapters

The East-West Center Association (EWCA) represents the 55,000 individuals who have participated in East-West Center programs since it was established in 1960. EWCA provides many programs and services for its members throughout Asia, the Pacific, and the United States. These services and programs are designed to support the Center’s mission to help build an Asia Pacific Community and to extend the outreach of the East-West Center.

There are nearly 50 East-West Center Association (EWCA) chapters throughout Asia Pacific and the United States. The goal of each chapter is to support the Center by broadening its outreach throughout the region. Chapters facilitate professional networking through a variety of activities including informal get-togethers, seminars, lectures, and workshops. Chapters also support the Center by helping to recruit qualified participants for Center programs, increasing awareness of the Center, and carrying our community service projects.

In November 2009, we received a series of reports from more than a dozen of EWCA Chapters, here is a summary from some of their activities in the year 2009. While some of the reports include activities that have already happened in this 2010, the reports provide a clear idea of the activities that the EWCA Chapters.

Reading these chapter reports shows the active international network of the East-West Center Association, and is like traveling around the world without leaving your chair.

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