Celebrate the EWC’s 50th Anniversary in China

The East-West Center in partnership with China Discovery Tours is organizing an all inclusive tour that will feature historic sites along the “Silk Road” in Western China, and will also include the cities of Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai.

This all inclusive tour includes:

  • 20 days / 18 nights in China
  • 8 beautiful cities
  • Over 40 touring sights
  • Chinese domestic flights, hotels and most meals
  • Packages with international flight included for Los Angeles and Honolulu
  • Package without international flight also available

Please be informed that whatever you will be paying China Discover Tours for the tour will include a tax-deductible $200 donation to the East-West Center Scholarship Fund.

If, moreover, you are willing to put in a $200 per person pre-deposit before the end of this month, your overall cost for the tour will be lowered by $300 per person. The pre-deposit is completely refundable before May 1, 2010, should you change your mind about going.

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East-West Center Delegation Visited South Asian Countries

By Kamal Raj Sigdel (APLP, 08-09)

Sigdel, a journalist based in Kathmandu, was an EWC fellow from Nepal for the Asia Pacific Leadership Program 2008/09.

Karen Knudsen and Mary Hammond with Alumni from the EWCA Kathmandu Chapter.

As part of the East-West Center’s move to strengthen its ties with Nepal and other South Asian countries and to prepare grounds for the Center’s 50th anniversary in 2010, an EWC delegation completed its four-day visit to Nepal from Sept. 12 to Sept. 15, 2009.

The delegation, which arrived in Kathmandu on Sept. 12, 2009 completing its similar programs in Dhaka, Bangladesh, organized and participated in number programs among EWC alumni and other prospective students and researches in Kathmandu.

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Deadline fast approaching for contact information contest

The June 30th deadline for the contact information contest with the EWC Associates Office is fast approaching! A little over two weeks remain for you to update your contact information with us by updating via our EWCA Online Community or by sending in an Updates Form found on our Contact Information page of our website.

When we receive your updated information you are automatically entered in a drawing to win EWC memorabilia and a chance for the grand prize of a free registration to the EWC 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Alumni Conference ($250 value).

If you would like us to send you an Update Form please email us at alumni@eastwestcenter.org and we will send it to you. Don’t hesitate! Updated contact information received after June 30 will not be entered in our drawing. Good luck!

2010 International Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii

In 2010, the East-West Center will mark 50 years of working to promote understanding and cooperation in the Asia Pacific region, including the United States. This golden anniversary year is an opportunity both to celebrate the accomplishments of the Center’s first 50 years and to look forward to addressing the needs and challenges of the Asia Pacific community today and in the years to come.

One of the premier events of the 50th anniversary celebration will be the EWC/EWCA International Conference 2010 in Honolulu from July 1 to 5, hosted by the East-West Center and the East-West Center Association. The conference theme is “Leadership and Community Building in the Asia Pacific Region.”

The 21st century is often characterized as the era of the post-national and the global. However, the world is still made up of diverse nations and states, and the survival and success of the global community depend on the ability of these nations and peoples to understand and cooperate with each other.

The challenges of the 21st century cover virtually all aspects of life and society, including commerce, human rights and cultural identity. Globalization increasingly requires that problems of the environment, social welfare and technological innovation be dealt with in frameworks larger than the nation state. At the same time, states and governments also face issues that are smaller in scale than the nation state, including response to localized natural disasters, ethnic and religious conflicts, and demands from regions and other groups for changes.

The EWC/EWCA International Conference will consider the position, importance and relevance of national interchange and interaction in the 21st Century and the impact of social, cultural, technological and political factors on traditional national frameworks and new international frameworks and institutions. In doing so, it will draw on the richness of experience gained in half a century of study and involvement by alumni and staff of the East-West Center.

Since it is being held in Hawai‘i – the crossroads of the Pacific and the home of the East-West Center – the conference will also provide an opportunity for the EWC community to “return to the source” to renew old friendships and make new ones. We hope you will start making plans soon to join us!