Dick Baker Interviewed About Democracy in Asia

EWC Adjunct Senior Fellow Dick Baker discusses current developments regarding democracy in Asia in a recent segment of the online video show ThinkTech Hawaii. Interviewed by Hawaii Pacific University Professor and Asia-Pacific columnist Bill Sharp, Baker discusses recent developments in Thailand, Indonesia and more.

[HVCA Democracy.flv]

ThinkTech Hawaii also features a variety of other video segments hosted by Sharp and focusing on Asia-Pacific issues.

East-West Fest Performances

Do you have any memories, photos or videos to share? If so don’t hesitate to contact the Associates Office to submit your photos or videos.

Here are a couple videos from past performances at the East-West Fest.

1. East-West Fest 2007

Trong Com is a well known folk song of the Northern Vietnam, which was performed by Vietnamese and American high school students (Anh, Hanh, John & Kalia). The song has hilarious melody, which promises an interesting dance as well as brings a bit of Vietnamese culture to international friends.

2. East-West Fest 2009

Participants at the East-West Center in Hawaii staged their annual “East West Fest” on April 18, 2009. Performances were presented representing the many cultures of the Asia-Pacific region. The background music is a mix of songs from Indonesia, Cambodia, and Kiribati.