Asia Pacific Leadership Program Grads Meet for ‘Alumni One’ Workshop in Bangkok

Over a long weekend in late July, 15 Asia Pacific Leadership Program alumni met in Bangkok to renew ties to the program, refresh their knowledge of leadership concepts and launch a new initiative. The participants from varied nations, professions and age groups represented eight different APLP cohorts including members of the first and the most recent generations of the program.

The gathering, called Alumni One (A1), was intended to help develop new cross-cohort links and renew practical application of APLP teachings, as well as to draw upon the unique skills of this diverse alumni group to explore how new fiscal opportunities might be developed for EWC.

In a collective report on the event, participants wrote that they soon discovered that the dual functions of the workshop were highly compatible: “As agents of change in our respective fields, we were able to draw upon reflections of our time at EWC and our motivations for remaining engaged in the APLP program to explore emerging leadership development needs. Our aim was to conceptualize meaningful and sustainable professional development programs that could generate revenue for the Center while activating program alumni as partners. Together we discovered that our alumni are invested in the long-term success of the program, and it was truly amazing how harmoniously this unique team worked together.”

During their time together participants created a road map for future alumni development workshops, designed prototype training products, and identified potential clients. In addition, they committed to deepening the in-country presence of the APLP and other Center leadership programs across Asia.

An Alumni Two meeting is already being planned for the coming months, and the roster of alumni signed up for the next workshop has grown by over 50 percent. If any APLP alumni want to get involved in this initiative, contact Scott MacLeod or Saw Thinn. And if you know of organizations or businesses who might be interested in the kind of training APLP does so well, let them know!

An East-West Center Gathering in South Asia

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Dear EWCA Alumni,

The East-West Center will hold its International Media Conference in New Delhi, India on September 8-11, 2016 with the theme “South Asia Looking East.” The Center’s last International Media Conference was held in Yangon, Myanmar in 2014 and drew more than 400 attendees including journalists, policymakers, business professionals and EWC alumni.
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Submitted by Jessica A. Sheetz-Nguyen

April 2016 - 1

East-West Center Association Executive Board at the EWC/EWCA International Conference, Manila, January 2016

As EWCA Executive Vice President for Chapter Development, I am pleased to present the following reports.  Twenty-one chapter reports were received for this quarter’s report.
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New EWC Higher Education Page on LinkedIn and Your LinkedIn Profile

The East-West Center (EWC) now has a higher education page on LinkedIn. You can view the page here:

If you use LinkedIn, please consider taking 1-minute to update your profile by including your EWC affiliation in the EDUCATION section.
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EWC Alumni Event for U.S-Pakistan Journalists Exchange in Pakistan

Chapter Leader of the EWCA Lahore Chapter, Dr. Arfa Syed Zehra(OG 78-82, CLI 82, CWP 83) organized an alumni event for the American journalists visiting Pakistan on the first Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange program. It was a lovely evening and the journalists greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and talk with EWC alumni in Pakistan. This meeting was very valuable and provided a contrast to the their meetings are officials or others that have a particular perspective.

ewc alumni event in lahore pakistan

American journalists visiting Pakistan on the 1st Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange program and meeting with EWC Alumni.

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How to find a Job Posting at the EWCA Online Community and Directory

Together with our Alumni and Associates, we are working hard in developing our two online professional networks, the Online Community and Directory, and the East-West Center Alumni and Community LinkedIn Group.

For those EWCA Alumni and Associates trying to find the job posting at the EWCA Online Community and Directory, here’s an easy guide on how to do that.

NOTE: under each step, there will be a screen shot with a red box indicating where to click.


    Step 1: Go to the EWCA Online Community and Directory and click on the Career Center Services link on the left menu bar.

    Step 2: All EWCA constituents will need their User IDand password to access the Career Center Services section. Contact the EWC Associates Office at to get your User ID if you’re accessing the Online Community for the first time. There are no fees or obligations associated with the Online Community and Directory. This is a special service limited to you as a member of the East-West Center Association.

    Step 3: After logging in, click on the Job Postings link on the right hand side. It’s the first item on the far right column of links.

    Step 4: Click on the Search Job Postings link.

    Step 5: Just hit the search button at the bottom of the page and this will retrieve all job postings for EWCA Alumni and Associates.