2018 Summer Travel Grant Series: Internship at Australian Embassy, Jakarta & Field Work in Singapore

Summer Travel Grant 2018 Recipient
Dewi Setiani
Graduate Degree Fellow
MEd in Educational Foundations


I did an 8-week internship (May 28th – July 20th, 2018) at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia Embassy, Jakarta. I was assigned to the Governance and Human Development branch, specifically under the Basic Education unit of the Human Development section. My main duty was assisting the basic education team in implementing and supervising their program, which includes various tasks depending on the daily activities of the managers and officers. Several programs that DFAT does to improve education quality in Indonesia are INOVASI, The World Bank Trust Fund – IDTEMAN, and Technical Assistance for System Strengthening (TASS). The foremost area I specialized in was INOVASI or Innovation for Indonesian school children programs with several duties related to World Bank Trust Fund, and TASS.

Between June 4 – July 20, 2018 I conducted research in Singapore to record Indonesian domestic workers’ experience attending Indonesian school in Singapore. The participants were recruited with snowball sampling, then were invited to come to school at their convenient time to meet me. I visited the school on July 14-15 and interviewed 20 workers to hear about their motivation, feedback and other experience pursuing education at the school. The participants recruited were mostly enroll in middle school and high school certificate, with some attending university level courses. Overall the sample was representative and is currently being analyzed for my master plan B thesis project.

Thank you so much for your help and support.

2018 Summer Travel Grant Series: Presenting at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business (AIB 2018) in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Summer Travel Grant 2018 Recipient
Robert Moore
Graduate Degree Fellow
PhD in International Business

From June 25-28 I had the privilege of participating in the annual conference of the Academy of International Business, and my travel was supported in part by an EWCA Summer Travel Grant. This was my first time presenting a competitive research paper in the area of my dissertation research, and as such it was a big step in my academic career. At the conference I was able to discuss my work with journal editors, tenured professors, and distinguished fellows of the academy, and in each case I received great feedback and great ideas for how to extend my research in new directions. My presentation was well-received, and it sparked an interesting discussion among the audience and the other presenters about how business in times of war and war recovery might be different from business in times of peace. I received a nice surprise at the conference in that my paper was nominated for an award. It was the “That’s Interesting!” award, and, even though I didn’t win, it was still an honor to be nominated. Overall I had a great conference experience, and I thank the EWCA and Hawaii Chapter very much for their support.

EWCA Alumni Scholarship Recipient Shreya Yadav Conducts Fieldwork in the Maldives

20180419-YadavShreya-archipelagoI recently spent about a month on Magoodhoo, a small island on the southern rim of Faafu atoll, which is one of 26 atolls that make up the Maldives archipelago. This was my first season of fieldwork for my PhD research. I am a graduate student in marine biology, and I am interested in understanding how climate change-related warming events are changing the structure and functioning of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. Specifically, I study how disturbances alter the community composition of corals (by selecting for certain species), and how these alterations will be linked to changes in reef fish diversity and function. Will the “reefs of the future”, that will have to persist in warmer and more stressed waters, be biased towards certain functions and relationships? How will this impact patterns of reef fishing and human use? These questions are particularly pressing in low-lying small island states like the Maldives, where the effects of the 2017 El Niño are already beginning to play out on its reefs and shorelines. Continue reading

New Advanced Degree Programs at UH Law School Open to Foreign and U.S. Attorneys

The University of Hawai‘i Law School has established two new programs in advanced legal studies aimed at foreign-trained attorneys as well as U.S. attorneys hoping to spend time in further legal study, especially those who want to teach law outside the U.S.

UH Law Dean Avi Soifer noted that the advanced degree programs could be particularly attractive to East-West Center alumni and grantees interested in broadening their career paths.

The AJD – Advanced or Accelerated Juris Doctor – program offers advanced standing to foreign-trained applicants, and allows them to earn the JD degree in as little as two years of study rather than three, with the option of taking a U.S. bar exam after graduating and being admitted to practice in the United States.

The SJD – Doctor of Juridical Science – program is primarily intended for those who have completed a JD or an LLM program and who already teach, or are preparing to teach, law outside the United States. It is also designed for those involved in policy work in research institutes and government organizations.

These two new advanced law programs complement  Richardson Law School’s existing LLM program, launched in 2003, which has already attracted 143 attorneys from 52 countries, and was recently recognized as one of the best in the nation in three categories by The International Jurist magazine.

“The diversity of our Law School offers a nurturing atmosphere for students and scholars coming to the East-West Center,” Soifer said, adding: “We were pleased to be very highly ranked recently in terms of our career support as well as for our academics. These new programs offer attractive options for those who thrive while working in a diverse academic community.”

Applications are currently being accepted. Click here for more information.

AJD program in a nutshell:

  • Provides an option for foreign-trained attorneys who want to be grounded in American law, and then have the option of practicing law in the United States.
  • Foreign-trained attorneys may receive up to a year’s credit toward a JD for their foreign training.
  • The degree enables foreign attorneys to take a U.S. bar exam and practice anywhere in the U.S.

SJD program in a nutshell:

  • Students who have completed either a JD or LLM may apply for this advanced degree.
  • Offers an important credential for those who hope to teach law outside the U.S. for both foreign-trained attorneys and American citizens.
  • Requires just a year in residence at Richardson, with the expectation that the dissertation will be completed in three years.
  • Offers time for advanced legal research or research on policy issues.

East-West Center Association Alumni Scholars for 2014-2015

L to R:  Yuki Asahina (Japan), Yilong Liu (China), Sadie Green (USA), Ned Shultz (EWCA President), Jonathan Valdez (USA)

L to R: Yuki Asahina (Japan), Yilong Liu (China), Sadie Green (USA), Ned Shultz (EWCA President), Jonathan Valdez (USA)

EWCA Alumni Scholars shown above with Dr. Ned Shultz, EWCA President, participated in the May Ho’opuka Ceremony, a celebration honoring the students completing their awards with the East-West Center.

EWCA scholarship recipients for 2014-2015 were:
Yuki Asahina (Japan)
Sadie Green (USA)
Melia Kamakawiwoole Iwamoto (USA)
Yilong Liu (China)
Kathryn Metzker (USA)
Elita Ouk (Cambodia)
Susanthi Medha Kumari Sabhapathi Mudiyanselage (Sri Lanka)
Jonathan Valdez (USA)
Nicole Holulani Yamase (USA)

2015 East-West Center Association/EWCA Hawaii Chapter Travel Grant Recipients

L to R:  Matthew Kelty (USA), Yi-Chieh Lai (Taiwan), Ned Shultz (EWCA President), Alex Holowicki (USA)

L to R: Matthew Kelty (USA), Yi-Chieh Lai (Taiwan), Ned Shultz (EWCA President), Alex Holowicki (USA)

The East-West Center Association (EWCA) and the EWCA Hawaii Chapter each year offer several summer travel grants ($500 each) to current EWC students. The grant is used towards presenting a conference paper, taking part in internships, conducting field research, or studying in summer institutes.

This year, ten travel grants were awarded to:
Ngu Njei Abanda (Cameroon)
Asutoshi, Das (India)
Alex Holowicki (USA)
Matthew Kelty (USA)
Obadia Mfuh Kenji (Cameroon)
Syed Shurid Khan (Bangladesh)
Yi-Chieh Lai (Taiwan)
Charmaine Ledesma (Guam)
Elita Ouk (Cambodia)
Sayaka Sakuma (Okinawa)