Quarterly Reports from EWCA Alumni Chapters (3rd Quarter 2019)

East-West Center Association
Chapter Development Committee, Quarterly Reports
2019 3rd Quarter Chapter Reports (July to September)
Editor: Dr. Jessica A. Sheetz-Nguyen
Vice President for Chapter Development


Thank you to the 22 Chapters who submitted their third-quarter reports for 2019. Chapter submissions help us and others to know about your activities and your continued patronage for EWCA/EWC outreach. The following Chapters and representatives responded this quarter. These include:

1) APLP (Blaine Baldwin); 2) ASDP (Dona M. Cady); 3) Bali, Indonesia (Muninjaya Anak Agung Gde); 4) Brisbane, Australia (Iraphne Childs); 5) Chennai (S. Rajamani); 6) Dhaka, Bangladesh (Abu Ekramul Ahsan); 7) Faisalabad, Pakistan (Muhammad Ibrahim); 8) Hawai‘i (Carl Hefner); 9) Hong Kong (Mark Sheldon); 10) Islamabad, Pakistan (Arjumand Faisel); 11) Jakarta. Indonesia (Irid Agoes); 12) Kansai, Japan (Fumiteru Nitta); 13) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Dr. Gan Siowck Lee); 14) Lahore, Pakistan (Zulfiqar Ali Mehto); 15) Mumbai, India (Sarosh Bana); 16) New York (Bill Armbruster); 17) Pan-Pacific (‘Ofeina Maneul-Barbarich); 18) Seoul, Republic of Korea (Eunyoung Cho); 19) Singapore (Alice Seok Hoon Seng); 20) Southern California, USA (Claire Langham); 21) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Tsolmontuya (Tsom) Altankhundaga); 22) Vientiane, Laos (Chanthavong Saignasith)

President: Blaine Baldwin

During the third quarter we saw a change in leadership within the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) Alumni Chapter Board. Melissa Pawneshing did a great job leading the board for two years and her efforts to have close communication with APLP and EWC staff in Hawaii was an important step to make the APLP Alumni chapter stronger than ever. The new leadership on the APLP Alumni board includes President – Blaine Baldwin, Vice-President – Scott Coates, Secretary – Joyce Wong, Communications Chair – Cynthia Chang, and Alumni Relations – ‘Ofeina Manuel-Barbarich. There are currently 18 alumni serving as board members. APLP is quickly closing in on its 20th year and our new board is looking forward to continue building on the strong relationships that continue to blossom from the first seeds that started prior to even the first generation meeting in Hawaii back in 2001.

The new Alumni Board commenced its two-year term in August 2019. Our board members currently reside on 5 continents including Australia (1), South America (1), Europe (2), Asia (7), and North America (7). The members of the board bring a wide variety of experiences, expertise from various industries, and great personality. We are looking forward to continue the alumni initiatives that include The Navigator on a quarterly basis and the APLP Global Pau Hana as well. Members of the board have a meeting every month or two.

Another significant event during the third quarter was the participation of our alumni in assisting with the launch of the G19 APLP Fellows orientation that covered 10 days in Chennai, India. Several alumni from the Chennai region of India led by Shreya Nagarajan Singh played a critical role in planning various activities during orientation of the new generation while in Chennai. APLP alumni from 6 different countries participated in activities as well as a formal dinner engaging with new fellows, other APLP alumni, and EWC alumni as well.
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Chapter Leader: Dona M. Cady


Early Bird registration now open! Please consider submitting an individual or panel proposal by 15 November 2019.

The Asian Studies Development Program’s 27th National Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead on 5-7 March 2020. The theme Understanding Asia, Asian Understandings: Perspectives Past and Present invites reflection on the effects of perspective on cultural interactions and how unshared assumptions often frame historical, artistic, literary, philosophical, and social scientific accounts of those interactions.
• Of particular interest are presentations that investigate how:
• New scholarship sheds distinctive light on familiar aspects of the Asian cultural, historical, and social canons
• Asian narratives addressing art, music, culture, philosophy, and the sciences gain depth when re-positioned within interdisciplinary perspectives
• Asian perspectives shed new and perhaps critical light on cultural, historical, and social canons with other-than-Asian origins

Our keynote speakers are Drs. Brian Woodall and Jenny Wang Medina. Pre-conference excursions include a visit to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Madir Hindu Temple and the Buford Asian District. REGISTER TODAY!
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Chapter Leader: Muninjaya Anak Agung Gde

In collaboration with the EWC Innovation Lab, EWCA Bali Chapter Leader Muninjaya was invited to speak at a workshop on July 26. The topic presented was on sustainable food system. The one-week workshop on Bali nexus on water, technology and food was organized by a new young EWCA Bali chapter group and facilitated by various mentors. The workshop was held at the village of Jatiluwih Bali, a rice landscape that was recognized by UNESCO as one of Bali’s cultural heritage. The organizer invited creative students from all over regions of Indonesia. A small grant was provided by American consulate general in Suravaya and EWC office.


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Chapter Leader: Iraphne Childs

No activity to be reported in this period.
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Chapter Leader: Sonna Belliappa Pemanda
Report submitted by S. Rajamani

Chennai Chapter continues to organize programmes for the past 20 years in co-operation with U.S. Consulate – Chennai, British Scholars Associations, Universities, Rotary Club, Institutions, United Nations, etc.

The EWCA Chennai Chapter is one of the active chapters, rendered support to many programs including APLP (G19) Leadership program and East West Center Alumni Symposium in Chennai during August 2019 in co-operation with EWCA, Hawaii and other organizations. U.S. Consulate General Mr.Robert Burgess inaugurated the APLP G19 Leadership Program and EWCA Alumni Symposium at the Rain Tree Hotel, Chennai.

During the preparatory program of APLP G19, a get together meeting with Ms. Christina Monroe, senior manager, Leadership Program was organized with the participation of EWCA Chennai Chapter president P.M. Belliappa, vice president Mr. P. Subramaniam, secretary Dr. S. Rajamani, program co-ordinator Dr. Vasanthi Ranganathan and Chennai Chapter members Dr. Roopa Nagarajan and Mrs. Shreya Nagarajan Singh to discuss the plan of activities of the Center.

The formulation of the leadership program schedule was done during the meeting with Ms. Christina Monroe, Mrs. Shreya Nagarajan Singh with our president, secretary and members of EWCA Chennai Chapter.

APLP pre-conference dinner meeting was organized at Anna University, Alumni Club on 16th August 2019 with the participation of EWCA Chennai Chapter secretary Dr. S. Rajamani and the organizing team from APLP & EWCA, Hawaii.

EWCA Chennai Chapter extended support in organizing the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) in Chennai during August 2019 and was a monumental success. APLP team collaborated with the alumni, led by Chennai-based Ms. Shreya Nagarajan Singh (G10), Ms. Sharanya Dilip (G14), Mr. Phani Kumar (G15), Ms. Devi Jessy Mary (G16) and Mr. Ramnath Chandrasekar (G17) to develop the 10 day APLP launch with different activities and experiences.

APLP G19 started the week with a bang with DISCOVER CHENNAI where participants went in autorikshaws (tut-tuks) to explore the city and its various attractions. The other highlight of the week was an invitation to visit the Prince of Arcot at his Palace: the evening that began on a formal note with a high tea turned into an impromptu quiz competition with the Mr. Nawab conducting the quiz. This event was organised by president Mr. P.M. Belliappa.

Participants also visited Kanchipuram to witness the EWC alumni Ms. Kalpana Sankar and the outstanding work they do at their incredibly successful not-for-profit Hand in Hand. Participants also got to meet and interact with EWCA member Dr. Vasanthi Ranganathan at her space. Thanks to Shreya’s arts background APLP staff and G19 were exposed to various performing arts such as the traditional folk dance – Kattaikkuthu, Bharatnatyam and Carnatic Music (Classical South Indian Dance & Music) and the Chennai Children’s Choir.

A dinner event was hosted by EWCA Chennai Chapter members Dr. Roopa Nagarajan & Ms. Shreya Nagarajan Singh. During the dinner event Kattaikkuthu dance program was one of the main attractions.

Another memorable evening involved a special invitation to the U.S. Consul General of Chennai, Mr. Robert Burgess. Participants got to explore his palatial residence by the Adyar River and also ask pertinent questions regarding current affairs.

APLP alumni from 6 different countries were also present and were a part of panel discussions and other platforms where they engaged with G19 and other EWC alumni. The last day of the launch and symposium involved a new format of an innovation exercise called Future’s Cafe and ended with participants visiting projects in the field and witnessing first-hand the various innovative work that’s coming out of this vibrant city.


Other programs of EWCA Chennai Chapter:

Thinnai Palli – a neighbourhood space for learning from the local resources in the community was launched by Dr. Vasanthi Ranganathan.


Two batches of 40 each from College youth, Rotarians & Teachers have been trained to reach 50000 students of classes 2-8 in various schools during July & September 2019. The focus is on values and character building.

Parent teacher relationships and as stakeholders in the development of the learner was offered at ENRICH, a teacher training program.

EWCA Chennai Chapter member Dr. Syed Ali Mujtaba organized a media conference program on the title “Does Media Ethics Exist in India?” in Guru Nanak College, Chennai during Sept. 2019.


Many other programs under various topics such as interactive methodologies, working with differently abled in classroom, and classroom management are planned by EWCA Chennai Chapter in cooperation with U.S. Consulate, Chennai and other organizations in future as well.
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Chapter Leader: Abu Ekramul Ahsan

The formal chapter meetings could not be held during the reporting quarter due to various inconveniences and preoccupations of most of the Executive Committee members of the Dhaka Chapter. The reasons among others include, (i) Chapter Leader’s visit to India (Chennai and Kolkata) for medical treatment, (ii) Najma Haque’s visit abroad, (iii) Moushumi Das Purkayastha’s business preoccupation and travel abroad, (iv) Rosie Majid Ahsan’s prolonged illness, (v) Prof. Abdul Mannan’s preoccupation after change of occupation at the end of his contract service as the Chairman, University Grant Commission (vi) Maruf Hossain’s immigration to Canada and (vi) preoccupation of most of the alumni during the seasonal festivals namely, Eidul Azha and Muharram of the Muslims and different Pujas of the Hindus.

However, the chapter maintained communication among the members through telephone and have been maintaining routine activities. It is expected that a formal meeting of the chapter will be held during the first half of October 2019 to prepare a plan of action.

Community Support Activitiies – The ongoing community support activities have been continuing in limited scale (ongoing project on helping the poor by individual financial contributions of the alumni, promoting health education.

Visit Kolkata, India – During visit to Kolkata in September 2019, the Chapter Leader contacted several EWC alumni in Kolkata and the neighborhood and discussed with them about EWCA activities. It is expected that at the invitation of some Indian alumni a small team of Bangladesh alumni will visit Kolkata during the Puja period in the first week of October 2019. It was not possible to indentify existence of any EWCA Chapter in Kolkata. Some of the Indian EWCA alumni in and around Kolkata could not be traced; perhaps they have moved out of Kolkata.

Chapter Leaders Workshop 2020 – As the Chapter Leader already received the announcement of the 2020 Chapter Leaders Workshop and invitation to participate, it is likely that the Chapter Leader Dr. Abu Ekramul Ahsan will participate in the daylong workshop and the 2020 Internationa Conference in June 2020. It is likely that some other alumni will also attend the conference.
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Chapter Leader: Muhammad Ibrahim

To keep the mission of EWC and the Faisalabad Chapter, the chapter has joined the Islamabad Lions Club to help in community activities.

1.  During July 2019 I worked with lion club members and conducted a tour of Northern areas Himalayas and Karakorum mountains ranges. The bus was painted with slogans of green and clean Pakistan. The purpose was to create awareness among the people for planting and to not spread garbage on the mountain and water. Clean water insures good health.
2.  It was one week tour which went up to Khunjrab pass on China-Pakistan Border. Most of the time we travelled on the roads passing through glaciers and green valleys. The mountains were covered with snow. We have visited a valley having 56 miles glacier. It was a real fun to see such a wonder highest mountains peaks like Rakaposhi and K2 in Karakorum Mountain Range.
3.  Last evening we had fun participating in a talent night around a campfire. The local boys from Hunza valley performed local dance.
4.  During August we participated as volunteers in an eye camp in a village of Himalaya Mountains. Many poor people came and got free eye treatment. The volunteer medical doctors were from Alshifa Eye Hospital Rawalpindi.
5.  We are now working with an orphan home named Sweet Home Islamabad to improve the physical environment of campus; some planting will be done.
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Chapter Leader: Carl Hefner

The EWCA Hawaii Chapter was able to raise funds at our annual dinner at the Pacific Club this year to generously support 5 students with professional development funding to defray costs when they travel to academic conferences, summer internships, and field study. These summer travel grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are a boon to their educational experience. Recipients of the of the 2019 EWCA summer travel grants underwitten by the Hawaii Chapter are Haley Cannizzo, Ting-Ting Hsu, Ger Thao, and Yu-Chieh Wu. Reports from all EWCA summer travel grant recipients can be found on the EWCA blog.


On Saturday, Aug 24, 2019 our Hawaii Chapter hosted nearly 175 people including incoming East-West Center students and EWC alumni at our annual EWCA Hawaii Chapter/CBI picnic in Kapiolani Park. EWC alumni prepare BBQ picnic style food for the students, assisted by members of the CBI committee & EWCPA. The Chapter also provided a talk on the history of Kapiolani Park, the glory of Diamond Head and the ecology of Oahu for the students. Each year this proves to be an excellent way to network with students who will be future alumni of the East-West Center.
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Alumni Liaison: Mark Sheldon

No activity to report this quarter.
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Chapter Leader: Arjumand Faisel

The following activities were carried out:
1. A retreat “Art for Conservation of Snow Leopard”
EWCA-IC joined hands with Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF), Gallery 6 and PSLEP for this unique retreat. About 12 countries in the world have about 3000+ snow leopards, including Pakistan that has around 200+. Their number is decreasing due to multiple reasons hence education and awareness of stakeholders: communities (in and around the snow leopard habitat), conservationists, donors, government, media, students and youth, common citizens is required. It was with this intent that this art retreat was held with five artists and two photographers. It was initiated and coordinated by Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, the Vice President of EWCA-IC. The participants were selected and led in the field by Dr. Arjumand Faisel, President of the Chapter. It was funded by SLF. The participants spent 7 days at Hopar Valley in September, a valley very close to snow leopard habitat. The valley is rich with natural, cultural and biological features and is in northern areas of Pakistan. It offers breathtaking scenic views and is called ‘land of peaks and glaciers’.

Moving in the area, meetings with the local people, studying their unique architecture and life styles, discussion on their needs and environment, including snow leopards has generated many ideas for producing interesting artworks. It is hoped that through these artworks, the immensely significant task of snow leopard conservation, as well as conservation of the ecosystem that enables these beautiful animals, will be promoted. It should be a triple win for the conservation efforts, the communities and the artists themselves. The artists should be able to find their place of pride amongst the many conservationists who have dedicated their lives to protecting our natural endowments, especially endangered animals and their ecosystems, for future generations.

An exhibition of the artworks produced will be organized in Islamabad and SLF may also consider of exhibiting these works at international forums.


2. Art Workshop and Session on “Snow Leopard and Eco Conservation” at Uswa School in Hopar Valley on 18 September.
Uswa School provides quality education to about 375 students from pre-school to grade 10 in Hopar Valley. On 18 September, we carried out the following activities in the School:

Syed Abu Ahmad Akif conducted a very interesting session with about 90 students of grade 7 to 10 on the conservation of eco system and snow leopards and answered the questions. Yasir Mehmood, photographer of nature, showed many slides to generate interest in the environment of the area. Tahir Bilal Ummi, painted a landscape within minutes of a view from the school ground, which was a big surprise for the students. Then three artists: Hamid Hanbhi, Bushra Khalid and Sujjal Kayani, led by Dr. Arjumand Faisel conducted art sessions in class rooms of 7 to 10 grade. This was very actively participated and generated tremendous interest among the students. The Principal was very impressed with the activity and requested us to help him in arranging similar workshops repeatedly in all the 10 Uswa Schools of the region. We are discussing the possibilities.

3. Meeting with Chief Conservator – Forest & Wild Life, Gilgit-Baltistan on 20 September in Gilgit.
The group met Mr. Zakir Hussain PhD, Chief Conservator – Forest & Wild Life, of Gilgit-Baltistan Region in Pakistan. The meeting was held to inform him about the art retreat and its follow up activities for education and awareness of different stakeholders for conservation. The key staff members of the office were also present. Mr. Hussain was very impressed with our discussion and asked us to help him in his conservation efforts through art. He will contact Mr. Akif with specific projects and EWCA-IC plans to support him.
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Chapter Leader: Amin Abdullah
Report submitted by Irid Agoes

Halal Bihalal gathering: This annual activity is designed for a more inclusive EWCA and Aloha community in Jakarta. This year was held at Universitas Indonesia on July 6th, 2019.


EWCA Jakarta Planning Discussion Meeting at Irid Agoes’ home on Sept 13th, led by Encop Sopia (EWCA alum who is newly re elected for Regional Parliament 2019-2024)
1. Data base updating of members
2. Seminar on Corruption in Indonesia
3. Consolidation trip in Banten. Family expected to join.
4. Creation of EWCA Jakarta Social Media and Four Monthly E-Newsletter
5. Appointing an organizing team to assist members who are interested in attending EWC/EWCA International Conference (esp.: in looking for affordable travel and accommodation)
Overall Theme: “What KALEA (EWCA in Indonesia) can do for the younger generation?”
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Chapter Leader: Fumiteru Nitta

No activity to be reported in this period.
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Chapter Leader: Mohamad Khanif Yusop
Report submitted by Siowck Lee Gan

No activity to be reported in this period.
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Chapter Leader: Zulfiqar Ali Mehto

The Kashmir Issue became very hot now a days between Pakistan and India and regional peace is under threat. Many journalists in Pakistan cannot understand the technical aspects of the issue and report it without even basic knowledge. Due to this ignorance, the chances of misinformation is always there. The Lahore Chapter tried to minimize the risks of misreporting, by organizing a training seminar on August 29, 2019 in partnership with the Lahore Press Club for its members (I am acting President of the Club right now). We arranged 4 experts on the Kashmir Issue, who addressed the large gathering of Journalists in the town. The experts included our Alumnus Professor Sajjad Naseer, an eminent political scientist of the country. The other speakers were former Pakistan Commissioner of Permanent Indus Waters Commission Syed Jamait Ali Shah, and former Law Minister of Pakistan Syed Afzal Haider who spoke of UN security council resolutions on Kashmir. Retired Army Officer Brgd Ghazanfar lectured on the topic of disasters of nuclear conflict in the light of capabilities of both Pakistan and India. Senior journalist poet Sarfraz Syed also recited his poem on Kashmir on the occasion.

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Chapter Leader: Sarosh Bana

Members of the Mumbai Chapter held their quarterly meeting over tea at the Wodehouse Gymkhana. Discussions ranged from the current developments in the India-United States relationship to the political situation in India. But the main discussion was on the East-West Center’s 60th Anniversary that was being marked by the EWC/EWCA International Conference on June 30-July 2, 2020 in Honolulu.

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Chapter Leader: Bill Armbruster

We had a very stimulating discussion about the current turmoil in Hong Kong on Thursday, Sept. 12, at Jasmine Restaurant in Manhattan. Our speaker was EWC alumnus Mark L. Sheldon (Open Grants 1970-72) who has spent most of his adult life teaching and working in Hong Kong.

Schedule conflicts resulted in a somewhat smaller turnout than usual, but still we had 14 alumni and friends in attendance. Besides Mark and chapter leader Bill Armbruster, other alumni in attendance included Jim Owens, Marion Boultbee, Cristina Veran, Fazal Ullah, Lilian Chow, Rochelle Almeida and Kumiko Makihara.


“What we have is a broad-scale civil society uprising conducted in a leaderless way on encrypted social media platforms,” said Mark, noting that three of his students in a course this summer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong had been arrested. He outlined the demands of the protestors, only one of which has been met thus far, and called the past three months “the summer of our discontent.” Mark said he does not expect the Chinese military to intervene in Hong Kong to suppress the protests.

We hope to have another event in December when former chapter leader Ramy Inocencio, now the Asia correspondent for CBS News, is expected to be back in New York.
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Chapter Leader: Ofeina Manuel-Barbarich


A chance to represent the Asia Pacific Leadership Program alumni board in her capacity as vice president led ‘Ofeina Manuel-Barbarich to an opportunity for EWC Pacific alumni. Since Seoul, in September 2018, a group of interested Pacific EWC alum and ‘Ofeina have been working to establish the first Pan-Pacific alumni chapter for EWCA. In July, the EWCA Executive Board approved the Pan-Pacific Chapter’s application to become an official EWCA chapter with members covering Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.

‘Ofeina Manuel-Barbarich (NZ/Tonga) pictured with Dr. Lelemia Irvine (Hawaii) after signing the registration for EWC Pan-Pacific chapter in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
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Chapter Leader: Won Nyon Kim
Report submitted by Eunyoung Cho

The Seoul Chapter held a memorial service for Professor Park Myung Seok. At the 2018 International Conference in Seoul, we were saddened by the news that our beloved friend Park Myung Seok could not attend the farewell party due to the sudden deterioration of his health. All the participants of the Conference prayed for his fast recovery, however, he passed away on September 27, 2018. At the anniversary of the distinguished member Park Myung Seok, members of the Seoul chapter gathered and shared the warm memories of him, including his staunch belief and hope for the cause of EWC and generous support for EWC.


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Chapter Leader: Alice Seok-Hoon Seng

In July, the Singapore Chapter welcomed back Basskaran Nair (EWC 1977) who returned from a teaching stint at the Nazarbayev University in Astana Kazakhstan. He taught graduate students and ran training programs for civil servants in different cities for six months. Basskaran has also written a book, A Primer on Policy Communication in Kazakhstan with two Kazakh professors. Forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan, the Russian and Kazakh version will be published by Nazarbayev University. During his stay, Basskaran was also advisor to the mayor of Kyzi Orda region.

Kudos also to Cynthia Chang (APLP 2019). Since completing the APLP she has been paying it forward, having been elected to the APLP Alumni board and assuming the duties as chair of communications. She also serves on the APLP multi-generational mentoring program committee and is co-editor of The Navigator, the APLP alumni newsletter. She has been sharing the experiential learning design of the APLP as head of service learning and community engagement department at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). In August 2019 she was part of the EWC Leadership Program team in Chennai with other G19 fellows. The EWC Chennai Leadership Symposium on Innovation for Social Good and Sustainable Futures was organised by the alumni chapter in Chennai. According to Cynthia this has been a most inspiring and meaningful platform for APLP fellowship.

A Talk Story was organised on 28 Sept. for alumni members to connect with one another, to communicate what each is doing and to collaborate on common grounds. The session also served as an opportunity to share the latest news with alumni members. It was well attended and all had an enjoyable and fruitful informal fellowship.


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Chapter President: Claire Langham

The EWCA Southern California Chapter met on August 3, 2019 for a luncheon with 25 attending at the lovely home of Gary and Bach-Mai Larsen in Lakewood, CA. Melissa (Missy) Pawneshing, APLP Chapter (virtual) Leader shared updates on their chapter. The Larsen’s granddaughter serenaded us playing favorite Hawaiian music on the ukulele during lunch. Donations to the EWC Scholarship Fund from our chapter continues. The EWC-EWCA 2020 International Conference announcement generated enthusiasm.

The next EWCA Southern California Chapter gathering will be on Saturday Dec. 14, 2019 at a Chinese and Indian Restaurant in Cerritos. Please contact chapter leader Claire Langham for details.
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Chapter Leader: Tsolmontuya (Tsom) Altankhundaga

The EWCA Ulaanbaatar has a new website: https://www.ewca-ulaanbaatar.com. The Chapter officially received legal NGO status to promote the vision of the East-West Center here in Mongolia. The chapter leader Tsom welcomed Dr. Alicia Campi (EWCW, Visiting Fellow 2012), whose new book is Mongolian Diplomacy: Navigating a Changing World, at Ambassador Klecheski s welcome ceremony.


Alumni members Dulguun Enkhbold (Education, MPA 2009-2011), Erdenee Batzorig (APLP 2017-2018), Amaraa Batchuluun (Education, LLM 2017-2018), and Tsom Altankhundaga (Education, MPA 2017-2019) of the Chapter gathered to plan the EWCA chapter launch which will be opened by the US Ambassador. EWC Changing Faces alumna, Gandolgor Purevjav, is hosting the event at her institution, the Ganabell Institute, on October 25th.
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Chapter Leader: Chanthavong Saignasith

No activity to be reported in this period.
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