EWC Innovation Laboratories Receive Grants to Collaborate with EWCA Alumni Chapters

Congratulations to the founders of East-West Center Innovation Laboratories (EWC Labs) who applied for and received grants from the Professional Development Program (PDP). One of the requirements of the grants is that the EWC Labs must collaborate with their corresponding alumni chapters. Several incredible experiments have been initiated within their organizations – scaling-up recycling in the rural areas of Myanmar, using nanotechnology to investigate cures to bone diseases in Nepal, and running a theater program for environmental awareness in East Timor. The EWC Lab grantees are building prototype websites to share their work and are seeking input from alumni – find information about the chapter members and videos about the work of each Innovation Lab. View the stories of EWC Lab founders on the new YouTube channel.

Morbi+ Nutrition Products with EWCA Bali Chapter: Deliver a three-day Women Agripreneur Bootcamp where Morbi+ partners, development practitioners, local SME’s, and women in the region receive a series of practical and culturally appropriate lessons on topics such as business and delivery models, financial instruments and accounting, customer profiles, savings group formation, improved market access and future development approaches; hold weekly meetings led by EWC Lab mentors and other EWC Leadership Program Alumni residing in South Sulawesi and beyond to monitor and evaluate the program as well as to brainstorm future projects; host a one-day expo named “The Future of Moringa” that invites various stakeholders to discuss strategies for improving agricultural development and the potential of growing and processing moringa in Sulawesi island. Founder: Awi | Video | Website

Timorese Youths for Development EWC Lab with EWCA Dili Chapter: Launch a Challenge Competition aimed at youths aged 15 to 35 years to solicit creative, influential scripts for plays and arts event proposals, such as spoken word slams, that can be used as tools to raise public awareness of geographically relevant social issues within schools, communities and public spaces. Founder: Dircia | Website

Samarinda Kalimantan Health Agency with EWCA Jakarta Chapter: Organize an Innovation Health and Sanitation Challenge Competition. The competition should solicit creative, influential and impactful sanitation and health conscious recognition for small to medium (SME) size restaurants and street food stands. The competition will simultaneously serve a role in educating and raising awareness of necessary health standards amongst Indonesians aged 18-30. Founders: Rahman Putra, Nur Liyana, Erfan, and Nurdiyanah Syarifuddin | Video | Website

Research Center for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST) EWC Lab with EWCA Kathmandu: Encourage exchange among students, experts and leaders in the field of nanotechnology. Utilize the EWC Innovation Lab to organize workshops, trainings and capacity building activities aimed at improving existing nanotechnology research in order to produce cost effective nano-materials for bone tissue regeneration and the healing of fractured bones. Founder: Marufa Bhuiyan | Video | Website

Green Yards Resource Recovery Business EWC Lab with EWCA Kuala Lumpur Chapter: Scale Green Yards’ current used cooking oil collection initiative in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia, by creating new grease collection points for the “Grease to Soap” program, and organizing a workshop focused on this impact initiative which trains youths and marginalized communities to identify specific leadership styles and improve leadership skills. Founder: Wen Shin | Video | Website

Timpuyog Lab with EWCA Manila Chapter: Adapt the US National Academy for the Sciences’ Extreme Event Game to raise awareness of how various stakeholders can build coalitions, develop resilience and learn to better respond to catastrophes in three disaster-prone provinces in the Philippines, namely, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Nueva Ecija. Founder: Mark Ancheta | Video | Website

EWC Lab of EWCA Palestine Chapter: Deliver the Middle East Innovation Challenge 2019, an online startup challenge that recommends to identify innovative idea-stage impact businesses around the three themes of water, energy and food; coordinate a 4-day workshop that brings together investors, finalists from the online startup competition and regional accelerators; and run a startup accelerator program for four finalist teams which offers mentorship and training from the EWCA Palestine Chapter. Founder: Amjad Dwikat | Website

Pacific Resources in Education and Learning (PREL) Kosrae with EWCA Pan-Pacific Chapter: Deliver a leadership and professional development program for cohorts of young women leaders in Kosrae utilizing a framework developed by the Kosrae Community Leadership Incubator (KCLI). This program will expand existing young women empowerment efforts through enrichment, encouragement, and educational, cultural and traditional programs, create a network of women across the Pacific Islands and empower young women to lead their communities, and share strategies and tools for community and classroom resources in accessible formats. Founders: Joyminda George and ‘Ofeina Manuel-Barbarich

Quality Life Mongolia with EWCA Ulaanbaatar: Translate board game instructions into the Mongolian language both on paper and in short video format for 20 popular board games, scaling an existing impact initiative to schools and other community settings. Founders: Uyanga Batzogs and Delger Batnyam | Video | Website

Women Entrepreneurs Mentors Club “Mentorship Innovation Lab” in Mongolia with EWCA Ulaanbaatar: Develop a mentoring program aimed at strengthening micro and small businesses owned by women in Mongolia; improve collaboration amongst business owners through a peer mentorship program; and actively promote the newly established EWCA Ulaanbaatar Chapter to over 100 alumni across Mongolia. Founders: Tsolmontuya “Tsom” Altankhundaga, Joyce Wong Pui Shan, and Amarjargal “Amaraa” Batchuluun | Video | Website

Anyrev.tv Digital Media Company EWC Lab with EWCA Yangon Chapter: 1) Identify and select ten innovative and successful young leaders (aged 18 to 35) and EWC alumni from the last ten years of environmental institutes at the EWC; and 2) create ten three- to five-minute profile videos of these “EWC Environmental Warriors.” Founder: Wit Yee | Video | Website

RecyGlo Resource Recovery Business EWC Lab with EWCA Yangon Chapter: Provide leadership development and skills training opportunities for young staff based in regional townships and cities in Myanmar, including project management, social emotional and organizational leadership, problem tree methodology, deep listening meet-ups, policy research, governmental relations, data analytics, business model development, customer validation, and systems thinking analysis. Founder: Okka Phyo Maung | Video | Website