EWCA Chennai Chapter Hosts 2019 APLP Launch and Symposium for EWC Alumni & New Fellows

The EWCA Chennai Chapter hosted the launch of the 2019 Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) and sponsored the Symposium for EWC Alumni & New Fellows in Chennai during August 2019 in co-operation with EWCA, Hawaii and other organizations. U.S. Consulate General Mr. Robert Burgess inaugurated the APLP G19 Leadership Program and EWCA Alumni Symposium at the Rain Tree Hotel, Chennai.


During the preparatory program of APLP G19, a get together meeting with Ms. Christina Monroe, senior manager, Leadership Program was organized with the participation of EWCA Chennai Chapter president P.M. Belliappa, vice president Mr. P. Subramaniam, secretary Dr. S. Rajamani, program co-ordinator Dr. Vasanthi Ranganathan and Chennai Chapter members Dr. Roopa Nagarajan and Mrs. Shreya Nagarajan Singh to discuss the plan of activities of the Center.

The formulation of the leadership program schedule was done during the meeting with Ms. Christina Monroe, Mrs. Shreya Nagarajan Singh with our president, secretary and members of EWCA Chennai Chapter.

APLP pre-conference dinner meeting was organized at Anna University, Alumni Club on 16th August 2019 with the participation of EWCA Chennai Chapter secretary Dr. S. Rajamani and the organizing team from APLP & EWCA, Hawaii.

EWCA Chennai Chapter extended support in organizing the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) in Chennai during August 2019 and was a monumental success. APLP team collaborated with the alumni, led by Chennai-based Ms. Shreya Nagarajan Singh (G10), Ms. Sharanya Dilip (G14), Mr. Phani Kumar (G15), Ms. Devi Jessy Mary (G16) and Mr. Ramnath Chandrasekar (G17) to develop the 10 day APLP launch with different activities and experiences.

APLP G19 started the week with a bang with DISCOVER CHENNAI where participants went in autorikshaws (tut-tuks) to explore the city and its various attractions. The other highlight of the week was an invitation to visit the Prince of Arcot at his Palace: the evening that began on a formal note with a high tea turned into an impromptu quiz competition with the Mr. Nawab conducting the quiz. This event was organised by president Mr. P.M. Belliappa.

Participants also visited Kanchipuram to witness the EWC alumni Ms. Kalpana Sankar and the outstanding work they do at their incredibly successful not-for-profit Hand in Hand. Participants also got to meet and interact with EWCA member Dr. Vasanthi Ranganathan at her space. Thanks to Shreya’s arts background APLP staff and G19 were exposed to various performing arts such as the traditional folk dance – Kattaikkuthu, Bharatnatyam and Carnatic Music (Classical South Indian Dance & Music) and the Chennai Children’s Choir.

A dinner event was hosted by EWCA Chennai Chapter members Dr. Roopa Nagarajan & Ms. Shreya Nagarajan Singh. During the dinner event Kattaikkuthu dance program was one of the main attractions.

Another memorable evening involved a special invitation to the U.S. Consul General of Chennai, Mr. Robert Burgess. Participants got to explore his palatial residence by the Adyar River and also ask pertinent questions regarding current affairs.

APLP alumni from 6 different countries were also present and were a part of panel discussions and other platforms where they engaged with G19 and other EWC alumni. The last day of the launch and symposium involved a new format of an innovation exercise called Future’s Cafe and ended with participants visiting projects in the field and witnessing first-hand the various innovative work that’s coming out of this vibrant city.