Alumni Meet with Staff, Other Chapters in the Region, and EWC Programs

On a recent trip to Tokyo, Amanda Ellis met with members of the EWCA Tokyo Chapter and Ramy Inocencio who was on assignment in Tokyo from CBS News.


L-R: Tokyo Chapter president Yasuo Hoshino, Amanda Ellis, Michiko Yamashita, and chapter vice president, Masyuki Yokota


L-R: Yukiko Abe, Cindy Yoshiko Shirata, Amanda Ellis, Hitomi Yokote

Ned  and Kamaile Shultz hosted a lovely lunch at their home for the Korean journalists in the Korea-US Journalists Exchange.



Anny Wong of the Washington, D.C. Chapter visited Hong Kong in May and met with the EWCA Hong Kong Chapter leader Mark Sheldon and Andrew Junker who heads the Yale-China Center.


ChandigarhThe president of Chandigarh Chapter, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal, met informally over lunch with Moushumi Das Purkayastha (Dhaka Executive Committee member of Dhaka Chapter) while visiting Delhi on 22 March 2019. Networking developed between the Chandigarh (India) and Dhaka (Bangladesh) chapters after the Seoul (South Korea) International Conference. They discussed further plans for the 2020 conference to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii.