2018 Summer Travel Grant Series: Presenting at the 2018 EWC/EWCA International Conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea


L-R: Ann Hartman, Clara Hur, and Layla Kilolu

Summer Travel Grant 2018 Recipient
Layla Kilolu
Graduate Degree Fellow
Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend the EWCA Conference in Seoul this year. It was a rewarding experience academically, professionally, and personally. I had the opportunity to present my resilience research and other activities that I’ve been involved with through the “Global Changemakers” panel, along with Ann Hartman and Clara Hur. My research in resilience is taking best practices from other international cities in the Asia-Pacific region, with the hopes that these best practices might be implemented in Hawaii to make our communities more resilient. My research has included case studies in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Melbourne, and San Francisco. In addition, I’ve been producing a music album that focuses on the refugee experience, with original songs written by fellow East-West Center fellows, in order to raise awareness on this global issue. This project has truly been a collaborative international effort and is reflective of the EWC’s mission to foster understanding among the Asia-Pacific. It was a wonderful experience sharing the diverse activities that I’ve been involved with, all thanks to the East-West Center. The conference also allowed me to meet many EWC alumni from all over the world, and I was delighted to see the camaraderie between and within the many generations present.