Quarterly Reports from EWCA Alumni Chapters 2017 (3rd quarter)

East-West Center Association

Chapter Development Committee, Quarterly Reports

3rd Quarter Chapter Reports (August-October 2017)

Thank you to seventeen Chapters who submitted their third-quarter reports for 2017. Your submissions help us and others to know how active the Chapters are, and to show your continued patronage for EWCA/EWC outreach. The following Chapters and representatives responded this quarter: 1) APLP (Melissa Pawneshing); 2) ASDP (Dona M. Cady); 3) Bangladesh (Ekramul Ahsan); 4) Hawaii (Carl Hefner); 5) Hong Kong (Glen Shive); 6) Indonesia (Mr. Irwansyah); 7) Kansai (Yumiko Okamoto); 8) Nagoya (Mamoru Tsukada); 9) Tokyo (Kazuhiko Takemoto); 10) Malaysia (Gan Siowck Lee); 11) Nepal (Nirendra Maske); 12) Okinawa (Kiyoshi Nakachi); 13) Philippines (Ramon Clarete); 14) Seoul (Won Nyon Kim); 15) Singapore (Alice Seng Seok Hoon); 16) Southern California (Claire Langham); 17) Taiwan (Frank L. Hung).


The Asian Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) Chapter did not have any activities for the third quarter.

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The Asian Studies Alumni Program Chapter is busily planning its 2018 Conference titled “Understanding Asia: Past and Present.” The conference will convene in Washington, D.C. on 1-3 March 2018. The conference committee is taking proposals, which can be single papers or complete panels.

Learn more about the conference.

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Good news! EWCA alumna Sabera Zohra received an award from EWC as she will be going on to graduate studies in Sweden. Congratulations Sabera!

The goal of the Bangladesh Chapter is to promote the activities of the Ogropothik Palli Samity (OPS), a rural social and community development organization centered around the school. Some members of the EWCA Bangladesh Chapter visited the group named Ogropothik Palli Samity (OPS), popularly known as the Zinda Park second time to explore the nature of support the livelihood of the local people.

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The Hawaii Chapter and the Asian Pacific Leadership Program hosted their annual August picnic, where they raised funds for current and incoming EWC students in Hawaii.

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The Hong Kong leader, Glenn Shive offered to convene a no-host dinner in Hong Kong for alums of the APLP. The earlier alumni of EWC in HK are retiring, and some are emigrating.

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KALEA (Indonesia East-West Center Alumni Association), EWCA Jakarta and Bali, Hawaii and Aloha Connection and those who had studied at UH with or without East-West Center scholarships and their families created a bond that pledges to gather at least once a year.

Like last year, on July 22nd, 2017, more than a hundred people came together at Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta. All expenses for the venue, entertainment and lunch were from the donation. The left-over money will help those who are less fortunate, such as an orphanage or victims of natural disasters.

On August 21st, The EWCA Bali Chapter hosted the EWCA Jakarta Chapter where they held a Preparatory Meeting for EWC/EWCA International Conference 2018 in Seoul. The follow up of this meeting will be completed on November 16th in Jakarta. This effort will help more participants from Indonesia to send proposals for the 2018 EWCA Seoul Conference.

This coming November, West Sumatra Governor will also visit Honolulu and East-West Center for Public Lecture and Cultural Performance.

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EWCA-Japan (Kansai) Chapter (from now on called Kansai Chapter) was engaged in the following activity between July 1, 2017, and September 30, 2017.

The Kansai Chapter’s board members decided to hold the first meeting at Doshisha University on November 4, 2017. We will plan to discuss on November 4, 2017, as follows:
(a) To review open and closed seminars, and the general assembly meeting held at Kansai University on June 4, 2017,
(b) To discuss the agenda for the coming annual meeting (the 2017-2018 yearly meeting) of the Kansai Chapter based on the above review of the previous year’s annual meeting, and
(c) To discuss the administrative structure of the Kansai Chapter for the following two-year period (2018-2020).

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The Chubu Chapter of Japan had a small welcome dinner for Mr. Shintaro Taniguchi, President of EWCPA with three alumni: Professor Kosaka of Aichi University, Professor Inoue of the Aichi University of Arts, and Mamoru Tsukada, Professor of Sugiyama Jogakuen University.

On 15th July the Chubu Chapter held a general meeting and heard a special lecture by Professor Masaki Kawashima of Nanzan University (former Fulbright Scholar) regarding his book on American History from a Japanese perspective written in English jointly with the Nagoya Fulbright Association.

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On May 19th at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel in Shinagawa, we held a reception for EWC’s new President, Dr. Richard Vuylsteke, who was visiting Japan to meet with people in the government and business sectors, accompanied by Karen Knudsen and Noreen Tanouye. It was attended by 22 EWC alumni (including members outside the Tokyo Chapter) and four guests, to greet the new President and to renew old and make new friendship.

Shigeo Tonoike (73) acted as a master of ceremonies, and at his request, Kazuhiko Takemoto (78), President of the Tokyo Chapter gave a welcoming speech and proposed a toast. Then Dr. Vuylsteke responded with his statement on his new visions on the future development of the center. Karen Knudsen, Director of External Affairs and Interim Director of Development, and Noreen Tanouye, Alumni Coordinator also introduced themselves and gave a few words.

After everybody ate, drank and chatted, enjoyed meeting old and new friends, a 2017 participant of the APLP program, Yukiko Abe was introduced and asked to say a few words about her expectations of the program. (Because of time conflict we were not able to hold a send-off party for her, we decided to take this occasion for that purpose.) The social and lunch was followed by speeches by Mamoru Tsukada (84), President of the Chubu Chapter, who came all the way from Nagoya to honor the new President, by Karen Knudsen on the alumni office and the transition the center was going through, and by Noreen Tanouye, who brought some souvenirs from the center.

The reception ended with two memorable speeches. One by a first-year alumni of the center, Kunio Okuda (61) on how life was at the center then. The other was by Dr. Vuylsteke. He thanked the Tokyo Chapter, emphasizing the importance of alumni network and shared his vision of returning to the original mission of “the Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange Between East and West in pursuing among other things new areas of development such as smart cities, sustainable use of fishery resources, etc., generally integrating humanities with science and technology. Attendees all felt that the new President will turn over a new page in the history of the Center and reassured of its future developments.


JEWCA Tokyo Chapter reception on behalf of the new EWC president, Dr. Richard Vuylsteke

In the third quarter, we had the honor of hosting a dinner for Dr. Satu Limaye, the Director of East-West Center in Washington. We are grateful he spared time for us despite his very busy schedule during his short two-night stay in Tokyo. Unfortunately, both our chapter president and vice-president were unable to attend the dinner, but six chapter-board members out of ten attended the dinner.

It was a great opportunity for us to get to know Dr. Limaye who is very energetic and friendly. (We learned he has a twin brother.) We also learned a great deal about EWC in Washington because many of us did not know that it existed. We learned that it serves the function of a liaison to the US Congress members and runs various programs including seminars and internships.


Tokyo Board members with Dr. Satu Limaye

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The Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chapter did not have any activities for the third quarter.

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The Nepal Chapter attended a reception hosted by the Executive Director of Fulbright Commission – USEF- Nepal, Dr.Thomas B. Robertson to welcome the 2017 – 2018 U.S. Fulbright Student Researchers at the Commission auditorium in Gyaneshwar from 4:00-6: 00 p.m. on 24 July 2017.

The Nepal Chapter participated in the monthly Fulbright Talk Series 2017, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of U.S.-Nepal Relations.

On 25 July 2017, representatives from the Nepal Chapter heard a lecture on “Combatting Human Trafficking in Persons: personal stories, police investigations, and social analysis.” Speakers included: Kiran Bajracharya: S P. of Police, District Chief of the Bhaktapur Dt. Office; Mayalu Tamang: Nepal Tamang Women Ghedang, Kavre; and Nilamber Badal: National Institute of Safe Migration and Asian Human Rights and Cultural Development Forum. Nandita Baurah served as moderator for this public event.

On 22 August 2017, representatives from the Nepal Chapter heard a lecture on “Rural Entrepreneurship in Nepal – opportunities and challenges” presented by Dr. Man Bahadur Bishwakarma – Fulbright Post Doctorate Fellow and Joint Secretary, Tribhuvan University Adjunct Professor; Dr. Sumitra Manandhar Gurung, CEO, Mahila Sahayatra Microfinance,BittiyaSansthan, Ltd.; and Dr. Ganesh Gurung, former Member of National Planning Commission. The panel lectures were moderated by Sujeev Shakya, Founder, CEO, Beed Consultancy. The discussion centered on entrepreneurship landscape in rural Nepal. Nepal’s future prosperity depends in many ways on creating economic opportunities in its villages and small towns.

On 12 September 2017 representatives from the Nepal Chapter heard a lecture on “Democracy and Governance in Nepal.” Presenters included Dr. Ananda Mohan Bhattarai, Honorable Justice, Supreme Court, Humphrey Fellowship Program Alumni; Dr. Bindra Hada Bhattarai, Hon. Member, Public Service Commission, Humphrey Fellowship Prog. Alumni; and Mr. Kedar Khadka, President, Good Governance(GOGO) Foundation, IVLP. Alumni. Dr. Thomas B. Robertson, Executive Director of Fulbright Commission/ USEF- Nepal moderated the session.

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The Okinawa Chapter held the party for Mr. Yuichiro Masuda who was selected as the Obuchi Scholarship Student on July 1 at the Jimi Restaurant in Naha. Sixteen members of the Chapter participated in the party and encouraged him.

Mr. Masuda was from the Yamanashi prefecture in mainland Japan and graduated from the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa. He worked at the Okinawa AMICUS International as the teacher of the Science. During his work with foreign teachers at the International School, Masuda recognized the different views between Japanese and foreign teachers on the ideas relating to international education. Then he decided to study about the International Education at UH under the Obuchi Programs of EWC. He attended the MA programs in Education focusing on teaching. An old senior fellow of the Okinawa Chapter, Mr. Fumio Teruya encouraged him to take further summer courses at universities in mainland America.


Members of the Okinawa EWCA Chapter

The Okinawa Chapter held the regular meeting on September 23. The meeting agreed to settle the accounts of 2016- year and approved the 2017-year budget. The meeting attendees decided to continue the fund-raising activities for the EWCA Okinawa Chapter Endowment Awards.


September meeting of the EWCA Okinawa Community

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The third quarter of 2017 was a very busy for the EWCAA Philippines due to the preparation for the upcoming regional conference in Ilocos Norte. Regular meetings and special meetings were conducted to make sure that proper coordination with the partner organization, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte and other concerned agencies were realized. Below are the details:

Meetings: A board meeting was held on August 2017 at the UP College of Economics, Diliman, Quezon City, to set the roadmap of activities for the 3rd quarter particularly the updating of the regional conference. Another special meeting was conducted on September 2017at UP Via Mare restaurant by the committee to ensure the success of the event by finalizing all details.

The chapter also noted the Lifetime Achievement Award received by one of its members, Dr. Santiago Obien. He was awarded by Asia Pacific Weed Science Society during its 50th anniversary held at Kyoto Research Park, 19-22 Sep 2017 – attended by 450 delegates from 25 countries. APWSS was organized in Honolulu and Kauai after the conclusion of the EWC-UH sponsored Asia Pacific Weed Control Technical Interchange Conference on 12-22 June 1967.

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After many meetings over Skype and phone conversations, Korean Chapter and EWC have finalized postcard for the Seoul International Conference in 2018. Lotte Hotel and other alternative venues have been selected, and topics for plenary and concurrent sessions have been decided

The Korean committee has a special interest in ensuring that the Conference in 2018 attracts not only scholars but also a wide range of audiences including younger alumni, local and business types.

One of the themes which fit this purpose is the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Both the Seoul committee and the EWC have agreed that it is a very relevant and interesting topic at this point of modern civilization.

Given this, it was natural that we chose the theme of keynote speech as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Korean chapter leader Kim Won Nyon is looking for a high-profile speaker among government officials and industry giants. The committee is also trying to supplement various discussion topics so that alumni from around the world can participate with interest and enthusiasm.

Since the decision to hold the 2018 International Conference in Seoul, many people have helped to this day. We feel especially grateful to Ted Lee. He lavished on his experience of holding many international conferences for the upcoming meeting in 2018. He was familiar with the practicalities of convening international conferences. His help and advice have been very valuable. Kim Ho Jin, President of Asian Forum, has also been very supportive. He provided a pleasant meeting place and invited the planning committee to the Asia Forum held in Lotte Hotel.

Now everything is checked and supplemented to ensure a successful meeting. The key to a successful meeting, however, is the participation of many people. To this end, the planning committee, as well as alumni, are trying very hard.

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On July 20, EWC alumnus Angela Wong (1982-84 EWC grantee Open Grant) has been selected as one of 50 distinguished alumni from the Education Department in the University of Hawaii. Local chapter friends and well-wishers held a celebratory lunch for her.

On September 7, EWC alumnus Pushpa who is based in Penang was in Singapore on a writing research assignment at the National University of Singapore. The local chapter had a simple lunch to welcome her to town.

On September 26, Dr. Satu Limaye Director of East-West Center in Washington gave a talk on The United States and Southeast Asia under the Trump Administration, at the ISEAS (Institute of South-East Asian Studies) in the National University of Singapore. The talk was well attended, and a few local chapter alumni friends were there to give support.

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EWCA Southern California Raises Donations for the Alumni Endowment Fund. The EWCA Southern California Chapter conducted a campaign to raise funds for the EWCA Alumni Endowment Fund. An appeal was made to members – “This is graduation time, so let’s reflect on the benefits we received at the East-West Center and make a small gesture of goodwill to pay back.” Over $1,000 was raised. Donors included Gary & Bach-Mai Larsen, Reynaldo Garay, Dr. Ofelia Dirige, Telly & Tony Tianco, Claire Langham & Denny Richmond, Jay & Geeta Brara, Ari & Dolly Brara, Chris Sutow, Inge Maranto, Lillian Lew & Prany Sananikone, Nelson & Doris Chou, Ed & Sumako Totten, and Paul & Susan Gardiner.

The EWCA So CA Chapter met on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the home of Gary and Bach Mai Larsen. Thanks to our hosts Bach-Mai & Gary Larsen for a wonderful EWCA So CA gathering with 25 of us on Oct. 14th, 2017.

Thanks to everyone for sharing special highlights, especially endeavors benefiting others in the US & internationally, including our chapter’s achieving our goal with contributions for the EWC Foundation Scholarship Fund.


EWCA So CA Chapter Treasurer Jay Brara, Dr. Dennis Raymond, and Dr. Mona Khannaj; photo courtesy of Lance Kayashima


EWCA Southern California 14 October 2017 Meeting: photo courtesy of Terry Anzur

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The EWCA Taiwan Chapter, together with its enthusiastic EWC alumni welcomed President and Mrs. Richard R. Vuylsteke to visit Taipei on Oct. 24. Frank L. H. Hung, president of EWCA Taiwan Chapter and outstanding EWC alumnus Gary S. H. Lin organized a welcome dinner in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Vuylsteke, through which new perspectives of EWC were shared for the alumni to grasp the prospects and development of their alma mater.

During the information disseminating reunion, President Vuylsteke shared with the Taiwan alumni the vision and plans that EWC is trying to implement in the foreseeable future. These include the cooperative leadership training programs to be launched in cooperation with the Asia Pacific countries; intensive recruitment of talented grantees and long-term students for research at EWC and UH for research; more cultural and educational exchange programs to be enhanced; renovation of Jefferson Hall for restoring its dynamic functions as it used to be in the 1970s and 1980s. President Vuylsteke employed the Yin-Yang dichotomy theory to lay out the core value of EWC, as well as the vision for the prospects in the fast-growing international context.
President Vuylsteke also mentioned his meeting with the deputy minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in continuing to enhance the cooperative program of “Pacific Islands Leadership Program with Taiwan – PILP G5.” A renewed five-year contract will be signed for the 2018-2022 training program between EWC and MOFA.

During the gathering with President Vuylsteke, some alumni enthusiastically proposed pragmatic suggestion for the future EWC development. Points proposed include enhancing relationships with the ASEAN nations through leadership training programs by taking advantage of the recent social and economic progresses in the region. It was also proposed that promotion of more cost-sharing programs for coping with the rapid change and development in global economic and technical progress (focusing on AI and IOT related businesses and learning) be enhanced. In this manner, EWC can recruit more grantees, long-term graduate students and trainees as it used to in the past decades.

While President and Mrs. Richard R. Vuylsteke were in town, Gary S. H. Lin, who privately funded the “East-West Center Graduate Fellowship,” arranged an exclusive tour to visit Tai Yuan Puppet Theatre Company. Administered by Dr. Robin Ruizendaal, the Company will be scheduled to perform at East-West Center for ten days, starting from January 11, 2018.

President Richard R. Vuylsteke considered this brief (three-day) Taiwan trip a productive one for substantiating official businesses as well as meeting EWC alumni who have been active in supporting EWC for decades.

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