East-West Center President’s Position

Dear East-West Center Alumni:

The job description for the East-West Center President’s position can be viewed here. As we have mentioned previously, we would appreciate your suggestions about potential candidates for the position, with the following assumptions:

1. You are suggesting potential names in your individual capacity as an alum of the East-West Center.

2. Provide the full name and present position of your nominee(s). You might like to add one or two sentences about the suggested person (s).

3. The suggested names of potential candidates will be forwarded to Boyden, who is overseeing the search, and the Search Committee without mentioning your name.

4. There is no need for you to confirm the availability of the suggested person(s). If shortlisted, Boyden will contact the person(s) directly.

Given the Search Committee’s timeline, I would appreciate receiving your individual suggestions about one or more potential candidates by Friday March 4th . Please feel free to contact me at shultz@hawaii.edu if you have questions about the position description or the process of search for the new President.

Thank you for your active engagement in the search for the new President of East-West Center.


Ned Shultz
EWCA President