2015 Summer Travel Grant Series: Presenting a Paper at the World History Association Conference in Savannah, GA

Summer Travel Grant 2015 Recipient

Alex Holowicki

UH Student Affiliate

The 2015 EWCA Summer Travel Grant provided me the opportunity to present my paper “Ravished Armenia and the Pursuit of International Justice” at the World History Association Conference in Savannah, GA. The conference’s theme of “Art in World History” was a convenient match. In attendance were other scholars also committed to exploring world historical understandings of art and intergovernmental organizations; genocide and international law; the movement of ideas across borders; and the cultural makeup of empires. These topics pertain directly to my dissertation research and the conference offered a productive space for networking and receiving feedback from preeminent world historians. In fact, my research paralleled so advantageously with another panel member that we were invited to present additional research at next summer’s conference in Ghent, Belgium. The conference also featured several teaching workshops, which have had a direct impact on shaping the lesson plans for the courses that I am now teaching at the University of Hawaii, Maui College.