2014 Summer Travel Grant Series: Presenting at the Annual Meeting of the Lepidopterist Society in Park City, Utah.

Summer Travel Grant 2014 Recipient
Andersonn Prestes
UH Student Affiliate

I attended the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Lepidopterist Society in Park City, Utah, from July 16-19, 2014. I received support from the East West Center Summer Travel Grant to present part of my research results in the conference.

My presentation was held on the first day of the meeting during the student presentation section. It took approximately 12 minutes including a question session. I received positive feedback, and some attendees were particularly interested in the fauna of Hawaii and the approach that I was using.

I made some interesting contacts during the meeting, and had stimulating informal conversations. On the first day I had a brief discussion with Thomas Simonsen, a professional who works at the Museum of Natural History of London. In the reception, I was introduced to the students who work with Prof. Felix Sperling (University of Alberta, Canada). I met Prof. Felix in different conferences over the last couple of years and he is aware about the development of my research. Also, I was introduced to the students of the Prof. Akito Kawahara. Prof. Akito Kawahara works at The University of Florida and was a former Pos-Doc under the supervision of my dissertation advisor, Dan Rubinoff, CTAHR-PEPS who also attended the conference. Throughout the conference I had informal conversations with many attendees, especially talking about how lucky I am to do field work in Hawaii.

I attended many presentations in the conference, covering a broad range of subjects, varying from pheromone-based strategies to control insects to conservation of Lepidoptera.

I am very grateful to the East West center for providing me this unique opportunity to present my research and interact with prominent scientists in my area of expertise.

The East-West Center Association (EWCA) and the EWCA Hawaii Chapter provided Travel Grants ($500 each) to 10 current East West Center students in the summer of 2014.