2014 Summer Travel Grant Series: Study Abroad at the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management in Valendar, Germany

Shaliha Anistia on the Rhine River in Koblenz, Germany

Shaliha Anistia on the Rhine River in Koblenz, Germany

Summer Travel Grant 2014 Recipient
Shaliha Afifa Anistia
EWC Degree Fellow
ACEH HRDC Scholarship Recipient

I attended the first session of WHU’s “European MBA Summer Institute” which was held from May 6, 2014 – May 20, 2014. The program takes place on the attractive campus of the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar, located just outside of Koblenz in the valley of the Rhine River. The program consisted of a two-week course on “The Changing Environment for International Business in Europe.” There were 31 students in my class, who came from all over the world including: USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, China and Taiwan. The program is an alternative to an exchange semester and offers a targeted and compact insight on international business in Europe. The course is designed for MBA students interested in International Business, Finance and Corporate Strategy. The language of instruction is English. The program consisted of 48 academic contact hours and 22 cultural program contact hours. At the end of the course all students are required to take a 60 minute exam on topics covered in class.  During the program, we covered the following topics:

  • European Integration: The Single European Market of the EU
  • European Monetary Union
  • Doing Business in Eastern Europe
  • Restructuring Companies in Transition Economies
  • Innovation Strategies of European Companies
  • Luxury Brand Management in Europe
  • The Environment of Mergers and Acquisitions: European Competition Policies
  • European Financial Markets
Shaliha Anistia in her classroom

Shaliha Anistia in her classroom

The format of the class was interesting and teaching methods were very different from those at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Our class time was mostly held from 9:15 am – 5:00 pm. We had daily pre-readings, lectures from our professors, 2 hours of study cases, group projects after lunch, and the day ended with group presentations and review sessions. I really enjoyed the group projects since it helped me to better understand the theory we discussed in class through a real hands-on experience. Group projects also gave us the opportunity to interact with the other MBA students from all over the world.

Studying abroad is a wonderful life experience. It is an enriching adventure where learning takes place inside and outside of the classroom walls. It was the best time of my life because I explored new things, met great people, and traveled to new places. Here are 10 reasons why I recommend studying in another country:

  1. Having the time of your life!
  2. Personal growth
  3. Exploring the world
  4. Meeting people from around the globe and making friends for life
  5. Expanding your views on world affairs
  6. Experience a new culture
  7. Break out of your routine
  8. Enhance your career opportunities
  9. Learn a new language
  10. Explore a different education system

My study abroad at WHU was an unforgettable experience with lots of great memories! It broadened my knowledge and gave me a better perspective about the world as well as enhanced my MBA experience. I would recommend everyone to do study abroad at least once in his or her lifetime. Special thanks to: Dennis Y.M. Scholarship Donors, Rikki Mitsunaga, Carlos Medina, MIX Manoa Office, and my entire classmates in WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management for making my study abroad in Europe an amazing lifetime experience.

The East-West Center Association (EWCA) and the EWCA Hawaii Chapter provided Travel Grants ($500 each) to 10 current East West Center students in the summer of 2014.