East-West Center Distinguished Alumnus Abdul Rashid Wins Prestigious Crop Science Award

ImageDr. Abdul Rashid inspects a wheat field in Pakistan


East-West Center Distinguished Alumnus Dr. Abdul Rashid of Pakistan has received the International Fertilizer Industry Association’s 2013 Norman Borlaug Award for excellence in crop nutrition research. In May, Dr. Rashid and his wife will travel to the IFA Annual Conference in Chicago to receive this prestigious recognition.
Dr. Rashid earned his Ph.D. in soil science from University of Hawai‘i as EWC-RSI Degree Participant (1980–84) and JDRI (1984–86). His micronutrients research is recognized globally, and his farmer-friendly fertilizer use technologies have been adopted in Pakistan, where his monograph “Soil Science” is a well-known textbook. Currently, he is investigating zinc biofortification in wheat to combat malnutrition.

Dr. Rashid’s research established boron deficiency as a constraint to rice productivity and quality.
Dr. Rashid is a past president of the Soil Science Society of Pakistan and has served as a member of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and a Chief Scientist & Director General of the National Agricultural Research Center in Islamabad. He has received many Pakistani and international awards, included the East-West Center’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 1998. Currently, he is Editor-in-Chief at the Pakistan Academy of Sciences. He can be contacted at: dr.rashid50@gmail.com.