Book launch April 11, 2013 – “Steps to Paradise and Beyond” by Verner Bickley

Bickley Book

Dr. Verner Bickley, first Director of the Culture Learning Institute (1972-1981) remains a loyal supporter of the work of the East-West Center. In his new book, Steps To Paradise and Beyond (11 April 2013), he gives a history of the Culture-Learning Institute and the East-West Center from the time of its beginnings up to date. The book is graced by a Preface by Dr. Charles E. Morrison, President, East-West Center, who writes: “Dr. Bickley’s book should remind us that the present emerges out of the past, and that much of what we today take for granted about our world derives from the ingenuity, labor and persistence of those who came before.  Dr. Bickley describes many of the projects of his era at the East-West Center and includes a list of the publications he was associated with. These and the students he and others mentored are among the proudest products of his generation at the East-West Center, and remain a vital part of the region’s intellectual heritage and its internationalized human resource base of today.”

Steps to Paradise is available for early and ongoing orders from and from the website,