Get Together of Current EWC Participants in Hawai’i

On September 4th, 2011 Itsuko Suzuki (EWCA Alumni-Student Coordinator, ISI 62-64) and her family hosted a luncheon party at her home for the new EWC participants from Japan. The Tokyo Chapter leader and a chapter board member, Shigeo and Kazuko Tonoike, attended the party representing the EWCA Tokyo Chapter.

EWC Japanese Participants Luncheon Party Hawaii

(Japanese EWC students with Okinawan students' get together at Itsuko Suzuki's (seated in the middle) home in Hawai'i.)

Dr. Chifumi Nagai also attended the party representing Japanese alumni in Hawai’i. Ten Japanese participants with various backgrounds came. We all enjoyed meeting each other and had a wonderful time. The new participants come from various backgrounds and have different ways of participation in the EWC community, but they were all sharing that the chance to know each other would help enrich their EWC/UH experience.