EWCA Luncheon with New EWC Student Grantees

EWCA Luncheon with New EWC Students

(EWC Alumni and community professionals share their expertise with new EWC student grantees)

The East-West Center Association (EWCA) hosted an informal luncheon for about 130 new East-West Center (EWC) students during the EWC Fall semester orientation.  The luncheon was held on August 10, 2011 at the EWC Imin Center (aka Jefferson Hall).

The purpose of the luncheon was to provide an opportunity for new students to meet and interact with EWC alumni and community professionals based on their academic and professional interests. Twenty-three EWC alumni and community professionals shared their expertise and experiences with the EWC student grantees.  Many interesting conversations were had and friendships were formed along the way.  It was inspiring to see the excitement and energy in the room and the valuable information that was being shared.