Travel Grant Series: Collection of Bilingual Press Conference Data in China

Research Trip Report from China
By Mian Cui
EWC Degree Fellow

Mian Cui at CBS Beijing Office

(EWC Degree Fellow Mian Cui at the CBS Beijing Office.)

Thanks to the travel fund granted by the EWCA Participant Affair Committee, my research trip has been very successful and fruitful. This research trip for collecting bilingual press conference data supported by various individuals and news organizations based in Beijing was eventually made possible by the EWCA Alumni Travel Grant.

I arrived in Beijing on May 30th and started my work the next day.  During such time, I worked at CBS Beijing office. The journalists in the bureau shared their audio and video tapes of previous pressers of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) with me. Later, I visited the Associate Press office and talked to the cameraman who shot most of the MOFA press conferences. He kindly shared a lot of tapes with me and gave me a lot of insight about such event. Lastly, I met with some news assistants of foreign press, who gave me some audio files they collected over the years. This trip has been very successful for the large amount of data acquired from various news organizations, which is about 30 press conferences and other types of social interaction data, and the form of media, including video and audio. Those are exactly the data needed for my research on how politicians talk
to journalists.

Mian Cui at dubbin station

(Mian Cui at a dubbing station at CBS Bejing offices in China.)

Now I am working on the literature review of my scholarly paper (SP) while transcribing the data gained from this trip. Hopefully the paper will be preliminarily done later this year. I really appreciate the help from EWC Alumni. Because of the help of the Alumni Travel Grant, my trip was made much easier.  I will keep the Committee updated about my research progress and thank you again for your help.