Quarterly Report from EWCA Alumni Chapters (July 2011)


Aloha and mahalo to the 15 chapters that responded to the call for quarterly reports!  A big mahalo also to the chapters that enthusiastically embraced the alumni chapter collaboration suggestion and to their members, who contributed and will continue to generously support the EWC foundation’s endowment student scholarship fundraising goal in the near future.  Thank you for your very much appreciated gift.

The following Chapter Leaders reported on their chapter activities for this quarter:

1) APLP (Caitlin Wyndham), 2) Arizona (Michelle Marion), 3) ASDP (Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen), 4) Brisbane (Karen Nunan/Iraphne Childs), 5) Chennai (P. Subramaniyam), 6) Hawai’i (Carl Hefner), 7) Kansai (Seiko Furuhashi), 8_) Korea (Jeong Taik Lee), 9) Laos (Chanthavong Saignasith), 10) Malaysia (Gan Siowck Lee), 11) Myanmar (U Maung Maung), 12) Nepal (Nirendra Maske), 13) Singapore (Alice Seng-Seok Hoon), 14) Sri Lanka (G.B.A Fernando/W.A. Siriwardena), 15) Tokyo (Shigeo Tonoike).

APLP Chapter

The Chapter celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the APLP Alumni and Generation 10 Fellows on May, 2011 with events in Islamabad, NYC, LA, Washington DC, San Francisco, Honolulu, Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo and Beijing. The Navigator, a special issue, was circulated at these events and the Chapter alumni network continues to strengthen as they prepare to welcome in August 2011 for the incoming Generation 11.

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Arizona Chapter

The Chapter is currently working on its Facebook page to keep the EWC Alumni in Arizona informed and is engaged in distributing EWC Alumni Scholarship Endowment letters.  The Chapter hopes to get positive results on the project.

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ASDP Chapter

The 17th Annual ASDP National Conference on Globalization, Higher Education and Diversity was held in Spring, 2011. Scholarly presentations included findings on China’s terracotta army, Japan’s strategy in the world economy, and dancers from the Ankor Wat Troop.  The Chapter’s Spring meeting occasioned new officers for the ASDP Alumni Chapter.  The new officers are as follows:  Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen, Pres., Julien Farland, VP, Roberta Adams, Sec., Joanna Dellmonaco, Treas. Carolyn Kadel is member-at-large and ARCAS Rep., Joseph Overton. David Jones, former ASDP Pres., is now Editor of East-West Connections Journal.  Of important relevance to the Student Scholarship Fundraising, the Chapter plans to file for a 501 C account, thus making the chapter an official charity for tax exemption purposes.  The Board discussed ASDP Chapter plans to promote the ongoing Alumni Endowment Student Scholarship project in the coming year.

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Brisbane Chapter

The Chapter held their EWC day dinner at an Indian restaurant where their 1st “virtual” EWC member from Melbourne, Bruce Allender, participated. The Chapter hopes to involve further the other 2 “virtual” members in Melbourne and Sydney.  The Chapter support of 2 students from Nepal is ongoing.  Chapter members plan to attend local engagements of the Director of Prisoners Assistance Nepal Children’s Homes, Indira Magar.  She will give a talk after a showing of a documentary on human rights in Nepal organized by Amnesty International, and will be at a dinner with the Brisbane based sponsors of children at a Tibetan restaurant.  The Chapter is continuing their work with the Australian Red Cross in the aftermath of the terrible Jan., 2011 floods in Queensland. Congratulations to Chapter member, Peter Anthony Nunan, author and Board member of the Queensland Maritime Museum, who was honored with a Medal of the Order of Australia, Gen Div. during the Queen’s birthday, for service to the community as a volunteer with maritime and geographical organizations. The chapter is encouraging members to individually make their contributions to the EWC.

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Chennai Chapter

On June 6, 2011, collaborating with the Association of British Scholars and the Pemanda Monappa Trust, the Chapter organized a Presentation of the Oscar winning Producer, Mr. Hugh Welchman (winner of 20 international awards/nominations), at the British Council, Chennai.  Mr. P.M. Belliappa, Chennai Chapter President presided over the event, which was followed by noted film critic panelist presentations and interactive audience participation. The event was likewise observed as the EWC Day 2011.  Vice-President Mr. P. Subramaniyam proposed a vote of thanks at the end of the event.

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Hawai’i Chapter

The Chapter holds regular monthly meetings at the EWC.  On the Alumni Endowment Student Fundraising, Hawaii EWC alumni have responded positively to the goal. The following events are sponsored by the Chapter: 1) On August 20, 2011 over 170 incoming students and alumni will hold the annual picnic at Kapiolani Park.  Chapter alumni along with members of the EWCPA will sponsor food preparation.  This event has been an excellent venue for networking with past and future alumni of the EWC.  2) The EWC Birthday celebration was held at the Honolulu Elks Club and was hosted by EWC Hawaii Board Member Sue Heftel-Liquido.  At the event, Alumni Officer Gordon Ring was honored for his 31 years of service to the EWC.  3) The Chapter made a donation to the Red Cross for the victims of the disaster in Japan  4) The Chapter will be hosting an August sale of donated kitchen items at the EWC.  Incoming students appreciate the inexpensive opportunity to secure kitchen/dining supplies at low prices.  5) Lastly, the chapter is continuing ProLink (Professional Linkage Program) of an EWC participant “shadowing” an alumnus to get 1st hand experience of his/her work culture. Each semester the PL committee hosts a contact social so participating matches can interact.

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Kansai Chapter

The Chapter held its annual General Meeting on May 28 at Kansai University. Ms. Eriko Yamamoto from the Chuba chapter was welcomed as a guest at the meeting. After Seiko informed the Chapter of Gordon Ring’s retirement, Shikishi, a traditional farewell memento, was signed by all participants and mailed out to Gordon.  The Chapter plans to hold its Board Meeting in Osaka on August 5 and a picnic/fun gathering in the Fall for the joint EWC and UH alumni event.

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Korea Chapter

The Chapter responded very positively to the call for Chapter collaboration to support the Alumni Endowment Student Scholarship fundraising goal.  The Chapter leader, Jeong Taik Lee, has enthusiastically forwarded the message to all Korea chapter members regarding the Student Scholarship fundraising goal and the need for Chapters to collectively collaborate in helping the Alumni Foundation and future student scholars.  The report noted that Chapter members have been forthcoming in fulfilling their agreed financial donations to the Korean Studies at UH and recognized the need to support the EWC.  The Chapter members are asked their respective positions on how best to support the Fundraising goal of raising $100,000 per year for 5 years.  The direct result of Pres. Lee’s fundraising support:  The Korea chapter received pledges of $1000.00 each from alumnus Professor Eung Sun Kang and Dr. Jung H.N. of Korea.

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Laos Chapter

The Chapter is continuing to seek information regarding the legal status for the Laos Chapter activities and functions.  The Chapter leader, Chanthavong Saignasith, in response to the call for Chapter collective collaboration to help the EWC Foundation’s Student Scholarship goal, is hoping to secure an appointment with the US Embassy in Laos for information and guidance on supporting and financing Laotian student scholars to the EWC.

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Malaysia Chapter

The Chapter held their annual meeting on May 15, 2011 at Lake View Club, Subang Jaya.  Future plans and actions were discussed.  Since the Chapter has been dormant for some time, there is little to report at this time.

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Myanmar Chapter

The Chapter participated at the EWC Asia Pacific Leadership Program event on the 2nd of May 2011 where 5 APLP students on their field study tour did presentations at the International Business Center in Yangon, Myanmar.  Further, with 20 alumni attending, the Chapter celebrated East West Center day on the 14th of May 2011 at the Dolphin Restaurant, Yangon Myanmar.  The Chapter members support the EWC alumni network, and in over 51/2 years since the chapter formed, they have held 23 meetings, which included celebrating East West Center Day 6 times.  Furthermore, members help students apply for EWC scholarships and support the EWCA student fundraising goals.  Towards the latter purpose, Chapter Leader U. Maung Maung pointed out that in the 51/2 year period, alumni contributed in Kyats, approximately 997,500 – these local monies were converted into kinds (cultural arts & collectibles), sent to the EWC and sold at silent auctions to raise funds.  A total of $300 was donated last year by the chapter and its Pres.  The chapter commitment to the EWC, as pointed out in the report, has been demonstrated by the EWC Award of Merit for Myanmar Chapter in 2006, Outstanding Volunteer Award for U. Maung Maung in 2008, and Myanmar visits by EWC officials Karen Knudsen and Gordon Ring.  Organizing for fundraising activities is kept as a current goal for the chapter.

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Nepal Chapter

The Chapter noted two special events for this quarter.  1)  First, the celebration of EWC Day on May 14, 2011 at the Yala Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka.The gathering was attended by about 26 people including EWC alumni and spouses, Fulbright and Humphrey alumni guests and USEF officials.  The day highlighted Nepal’s contribution to the 50th EWC anniversary in Honolulu – Alumnus Ambassador Shankar Sharma received the “Distinguished Alumni Award”, Nepal Chapter was awarded the “Outstanding Chapter Award” and Nirendra Maske was elected to the EWCA Executive Board for 3 years and appointed Chair of the EWCA Executive Board for 2011. The 3D Google models of EWC buildings in Manoa displayed during the Conference, was also shown at the gathering by alumnus Asheshwar Shrestha and his team.   2)  On the call for Chapter collaboration on fundraising for Alumni Endowment Student Scholarship, the Chapter expressed difficulty in raising funds from individual members.  However, the Chapter decided to request the Nepal government to donate to the EWC, which they believe is overdue, since decades have passed, since the government last contributed to the Center.

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Singapore Chapter

The Chapter listed 3 activities for this quarter:  First, On Feb. 26, 2011, the EWCA Chapter in Spore was invited to join the alumni group from the University of Hawaii for a networking celebration in Singapore. The event was held at Clarke Quay and had as special guests, Dean Roley and June Naughton.  Second, on March 29, 2011, EWCA alumnus Kirpal Singh was one of the panelists at an intercultural dialogue held at the Singapore Management University.  Chapter members came to support the panelists. Third, the Chapter welcomed to Singapore, EWC APLP alumnus Andrea Merrigan from Ireland.  The Chapter hosted a tea party to welcome her to her new teaching job.

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Sri Lanka Chapter

Coordinated by W.A. Siriwardena, former Chapter VP, EWC alumnus Cindy Yoshiko Shirata (Accounting Professor of the Univ. of Tsukuba, Tokyo) was welcomed by the Chapter.  Members of the chapter helped to facilitate her mission of establishing linkages with Science Council of Asia and the scientific establishments in Sri Lanka, and held a meeting a the USSL Fulbright Commission where the alumni office is situated.  The Chapter wishes to place on record, Alumni Officer Gordon Ring’s vision, initiatives and actions, which heightened EWC alumni activities in Sri Lanka. During his tenure, Sri Lankan students, social and political leaders and journalists visited the EWC.  The Chapter values the many decades of Gordon’s encouragement and promotion of Chapter activities and considers the EWC fortunate to have his services.

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Tokyo Chapter

Because of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th, the Chapter has primarily focused on initiating a fundraising drive for the people devastated by the quakes and tsunami.  The Chapter asked members to cooperate by raising funds, and in about a month, on April 8, 2011,  32 members donated a total of about $6,600.  The money was sent to the Red Cross Society.  The Board of Directors on June 5th decided on the following activities: In lieu of the annual summer party which typically is a send off party for new EWC participants, the Chapter will hold small dinner parties (July 14, a small group of members hosted a dinner party for three new EWC participants and another small dinner party is scheduled for August).  A reception for APLP participants on their way to China is scheduled for November.

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