Articles from Participants of 2011 JUSJE Program

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The Japan-United States Journalists Exchange is a 12-day dialogue, travel and exchange program for journalists from Japan and the United States. The 2011 Japan-United States Journalists Exchange (JUSJE) took place March 6th and 18th.  The theme of the 2011 Japan-United States Journalists Exchange was  “Expanding the U.S.-Japan Alliance”.

The 2011 exchange took a look at the U.S.-Japan military alliance, a linchpin of regional security, as well as how this important bilateral relationship can expand to greater benefit both countries; and to help meet new challenges as China’s power and influence continue to grow. However, the natural disasters in Japan made the participants also focus on these events.

Here is a compilation of articles that were authored by participants of the 2011 JUSJE program during the program’s duration.

Ms. Eve BOWER, International Desk Assignment Editor, CNN International, Atlanta, GA
Earthquake response doesn’t shake Okinawans’ opposition to U.S. bases

Mr. Ed FLETCHER, Reporter, The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA
Japanese protest over Marine base halted; U.S. military sending disaster relief
With radioactive meltdowns, some in Hiroshima question nuclear power

Ms. Abby LEONARD, Producer, PBS “Need to Know”, New York, NY
Essay from Japan: A self-inflicted ‘third atomic bomb’
The view from Okinawa, where the U.S. is on shaky ground
Tsunami warning center submerged in budget debate

Ms. Hagit LIMOR, Investigative Reporter, WCPO TV and President, National Society of Professional Journalists, Cincinnati, OH
1st person disbelief in Japan over destruction from quake, tsunami
Eyewitness account of Japan quake
After earthquake, tsunami, Japan scrambling to recover
Anatomy of a Tsunami from the Center that warned the world
Japan earthquake, tsunami: biggest nuclear threat since Hiroshima
Hiroshima bombing survivor calls crisis ‘Japan’s third A-bomb’
9 News eyewitness account of Japan quake
More from Japan: 9 News is there