Journalist Exchange Participant Provides Eyewitness Account of Japan Quake

Hagit Limor (Investigative Reporter, WCPO TV and President, National Society of Professional Journalists, Cincinnati, OH) is one of the participants of the 2011 Japan-United States Journalists Exchange (March  6 -18, 2011).  She had come to Japan representing the Society of Professional Journalists as part of a journalism exchange co-sponsored by the East-West Center and the Nihon Shinbun Kyokai (NSK). The exchange is supported by a grant from the Center for Global Partnership (CGP).


hagit timor

Photographer: WMAR Copyright 2011 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

Hagit was touring Japan escorted by leaders of NSK, the national press association, as she and the other exchange participants met journalists and political, business and military representatives. She was touring the Kadena Air Force Base, the largest in the Pacific, when the earthquake hit just hours after she had flown out to this island to the southwest.

She provided an eyewitness account to the ABC 2 News Team (WMAR-TV) in Baltimore, MD.

Watch the video and additional photos at the ABC 2 News website.

The Japan-United States Journalists Exchange is a 12-day program is a dialogue, travel and exchange program for journalists from Japan and the United States. The program sends six to seven Japanese journalists to the United States and six to seven U.S. journalists to Japan to meet with government and business leaders, academics, non-governmental organizations and other members of the community. The program provides participating journalists with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the political, security, economic, cultural and social issues of each country through the lens of a timely theme.

The theme of the 2011 Japan-United States Journalists Exchange is  “Expanding the U.S.-Japan Alliance”. The 2011 exchange looks at the U.S.-Japan military alliance, a linchpin of regional security, as well as how this important bilateral relationship can expand to greater benefit both countries; and to help meet new challenges as China’s power and influence continue to grow.