EWC Kansai Chapter Plans to Organize UHAA Kansai Chapter

On December 9th 2010, a group of nine UH-alumni in Kansai area gathered at Osaka Gakuin University to organize a UHAA Kansai Chapter.

Front,- Left to Right: Curtis Kelly (Kansai University), Raymond Tait III (Swissotel Nankai Osaka), Daryl Arakaki (OGU), Seiko Furuhashi (OGU).
Top-Lest to Right: Motoyasu Shirai (OGU), Russel Sumitomo (OGU), Greg Nakajo (OGU), Scot Matsuo (OGU).

At the meeting, Daryl, Curtis and Greg were selected to be the Planning Committee members, and Ray and Seiko to be the liaisons to the Japan American Chamber of Commerce in Kansai and the East West Center/ EWCA Kansai Chapter respectively.

As EWC and UH hold alumni in common, The Committee expects the EWC/EWCA help establishing the official UHAA Kansai. I hope this new group would help EWC/EWCA Kansai to activate membership development and other activities such as joint meetings and events.