Watch an EWC Promotional Video from the late 60’s

A promotional film about the East-West Center, originally produced in 1968 and revised in 1971. This “period piece” features narration by the late James MacArthur (Danno on the original Hawaii 5-0 television show).

Titled “Bridge for the Pacific”, this promotional film features 5 EWC participants from the Institute for Student Interchange (ISI), the Institute for Advanced Projects (IAP), and the Institute for Technical Interchange (ITI) speaking about their personal adaptation to the international environment of the EWC.

The 5 EWC participants speaking in this film are:

  • Thi Chau Tran (Vietnam)
  • Abdul Rasul Asadi (Afganistan)
  • Sirowat Sirowan (Thailand)
  • Mabel Cecilia Burks and William V. Vitarelli (U.S.)

Produced, directed and filmed by George Tahara, Cine-Pic Hawaii. Written by Joseph Hurley with music by Barbara B. Smith. Posted by permission of the producer.