EWCA Kansai Chapter Report

Chapter Leader, Seiko Furuhashi (ICC: 82-84, 89) submitted a report from the activities of the EWCA Kansai Chapter.

The last EWCA Kansai Chapter general meeting was held on March 13, 2010 at Osaka Gakuin University (picture above), where 13 participants attended this meeting. Among the participants were the following Chapter’s Officers:

  • Seiko Furuhashi, President
  • Kiyoshi Hamano, Vice President
  • Nobukazu Tanii
  • Hayato Yamanaka
  • Fumiteru Nitta
  • Yumiko Okamoto
  • Tomohide Ashida, Adviser
  • Mineo Suenobu, Adviser
  • Eiji Saito, Adviser

Special guests from the East-West Center were Gary Yoshida and Nick Barker and local performing artists, John Tomecseck (Magician), Kaleopololei, Pili & Pono Malale’a (Hula dancers).  The last EWCA Kansai Chapter Board meeting was held on August 3, 2010 at the Hotel Granvia Osaka.  All six officers and three adviser attended this meeting. The Chapter has prepared more activities for the rest of 2010.

Occasionally, the EWCA Kansai Chapter distributes their online newsletter among all Chapter members who register their email addresses.  So far in 2010, 3 issues have been published.