An EWC Alumni Connection Website

EWC Alumnus Kazuyuki Matsumoto (ISI: 69-71, OEA: 08) attended the EWC/EWCA 2010 50th Anniversary International Conference during July 2-5, 2010. For Kazuyuki returning to Hawai’i to celebrate the EWC’s 50 Anniversary was such an amazing experience, that he decided to create a website to share his testimony as a participant in the Center’s 50 year history with the EWC community.

You can view Kazuyuki’s website at:

At the website you can find several photographs from Kazuyuki during the 2010 International Conference and a couple essays about his experience at the EWC throughout the years.

He would like to thank Norman Yoshida (ISI: 69-71) and Karen Nunan (ISI: 67-68,  OG: 70-72) for their support and help in completing this website.