EWC Day in Islamabad, Pakistan

The EWCA Islamabad Chapter (EWCA-IC) will celebrate on May 14th, 2010 the  East-West Center Day in Islamabad, Pakistan with an exhibition of 30 paintings from local cinema billboard painters. These billboard painters were supported through Rs. 40,000 seed money for this exhibition through the left over funds of Community Service Project (CSP) of the EWCA-IC.

Cinema billboards, with their dazzling images were a part of the popular culture of major cities in Pakistan. Their enormous scale, bright color and melodramatic imagery was used to excite the public. The visual power of these illusionist billboards was integral in building the public’s fascination with film starts for nearly five decades. However nowadays, with the demolishing of cinema houses and the replacement of hand painted billboards by panaflex, the cinema billboard painters are struggling financially.

In recognizing the needs of these cinema billboard painters, and in an effort to find regular income generation direction for them, gallery 6 and the EWCA-IC offered to provide help in this effort. It was decided to experiment with exploration of alternate avenues for the financially crunched billboard painters in which they can use their existing skill of painting films artists and film scenes. Four painters (Aziz Ghouri Faiz Rahi, Riaz Bhatti and Suresh Kumar) were provided with canvases and paints and guidance for producing paintings in smaller sizes, based on their previous work and skills.

The result of this project is the “Film Art – painting for homes by billboard painters”  exhibition that will appear at gallery 6 in Islamabad, through the co-sponsorpship of the Karachi School of Art, gallery 6, and the EWCA-IC.

The EWCA-IC has mailed printed invitation cards to over 750 individuals in Pakistan. Cards are being sent to several ambassadors in Islamabad. Also, local media has been invited to cover the event and the EWCA-IC expects  a good response. A grand total of over 1,500 individuals all over Pakistan and abroad have been invited.

Here are three images from the invitation card, courtesy of the EWCA-IC (click on images for larger picture):

Last but not least, General Secretary of the EWCA-IC, Ms. Tayyaba Naheed Gul is organizing a pot luck dinner with EWCA-IC members at the gallery 6, where she also intends to organize a musical evening after the potluck dinner.