East-West Center Oral History Project

The East-West Center Oral History Project strives to capture the Center’s first 50 years as seen through the eyes of staff, alumni, and supporters who have contributed to its growth. The project selected interviewees who represent the Center’s diverse network over five decades and across the region and the institution itself. Presented on these pages are narratives, created from interview transcripts, that highlight the Center’s rich history of intellectual work, education, collaboration and friendship.

The oral histories were edited to make them more concise, which required consolidating and cutting material. The interviewers’ questions have been removed and, where necessary, explanatory material inserted in brackets. We added conjunctive and transitional phrases and subheadings to enhance continuity, but otherwise no words were added to the narratives.

The list of interviewees includes Jeanette “Benji” Bennington and Meheroo Jussawalla.

The project made every attempt to reflect as accurately as possible the interviewees’ recall of experiences and manner of speech and to preserve the content and character of the interviews. The narratives reflect interviewees’ personal perceptions, opinions and memories and may contain errors of fact. The narratives do not reflect positions or versions of history officially approved by the East-West Center.

For the full list of interviewees whose narratives will be posted throughout 2010 at the East-West Center website, visit the East-West Center Oral History Project website.