EWCPA’s Event “Jhankar” and Extension of Submission Deadline for EWCPA Cook Book

A message from Riana (Helen) Agnesia, current Board President of the East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA):

Dear Alumni of EWC,

First of all I would like to thank you for your faithful support for EWC participants. They are all greatly appreciated, especially for us international students who are on our journey to encompass our future. Your efforts to give guidance through mentor-mentee program really make us feel more confident in anchoring our feet in a brighter future.

I am sending this message in regards to the upcoming EWCPA’s event “Jhankar” that will be held this coming Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at the UH Art Auditorium Building at 5:00-7:00 p.m.

As Huy, the EWCPA representative, might have mentioned that EWCPA is trying to publish a new International Cookbook. We are targeting to have this edition for East-West Center 50th anniversary. Right now we’re still in the process of collecting the recipes to add to the variety of the cuisines and countries represented in the cookbook. Therefore, it will be really great if we are privileged to have one or two recipes from the Alumni of EWC and put it in our International Cookbook.

In addition, in order to self-finance this project, we are going to present “Jhankar” a combined international cultural event between EWCPA, Milun and Lovers of South Asian Cultures of the University of Hawaii. Eighty percent (80%) of the income, both from tickets selling and donations, will be channeled to support the publication of our International cookbook.

We are hoping that the tickets will be sold-out so we can share the International treasures that are within EWCPA and get significant amount of fund to do our International Cookbook. Right now we are trying our best to sell the tickets for the event. Having that said, we are attaching the flyer to the “Jhankar” event for your information. We do hope to see you at the event sharing the afternoon, joy, fun and good will with all of you … oh mint tea too .


Riana (Helen) Agnesia
EWCPA board 2009-2010

Here’s a flyer of the Jhankar event from the EWCPA: